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StarCraft 2 is one of the most popular real-time strategy video games. Originally developed by Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft 2 allows players to build on their experience in the original StarCraft game and fight against an alien force threatening the human race. The game also encourages gamers to form teams to join in the fight against the intruders.

StarCraft 2 betting takes the experience of playing the game to another level by giving you the chance to place money bets on the outcome of a team battle. With an easy registration process and numerous matches throughout the day, Picklebet offers you the opportunity to win real cash by placing bets on your favourite video game.

Why Trust Picklebet for StarCraft 2 Betting

If you love StarCraft 2 betting, it’s imperative that you place your bets through a trusted platform. When you open a Picklebet account, you can rest assured that your money and wagers are in excellent hands. You can begin placing bets within a matter of minutes after you validate your account. Australia’s Northern Territory Government licenses and regulates Picklebet, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that Picklebet is held to a high standard.

A History of StarCraft 2

The original StarCraft game hit the market in 1998 and became an instant hit, so it’s no surprise that StarCraft 2 followed suit. Some interesting facts associated with the history of StarCraft 2 include:

A gap in development

There was a noticeable gap between the release of the first StarCraft game and the second. StarCraft 2 wasn’t released until 2010, which is over ten years from the first game’s release. StarCraft gamers were kept busy, however, with the release of expansion packs. These expansion packs allow gamers to enjoy new and different versions of the original game.

An instant hit

There was a tremendous amount of anticipation leading up to the release of StarCraft 2. As a result, video game stores were hard-pressed to maintain copies of the game. StarCraft 2 became an instant success and went on to sell millions of copies all over the world. Shortly after the game’s release, professional video gamers began to put teams and leagues together, which would allow them to take gameplay to another level. The first professional StarCraft 2 competition also took place in 2010.

Working out the bugs

Although StarCraft 2 became wildly popular, there were some glitches with the game when it first came out. For example, many gamers complained that the game would overheat and cause damage to the video card. Since the initial release, adjustments have been made to avoid this issue.

Common Questions

If you have questions regarding the Picklebet platform or StarCraft 2 betting, we have the answers. Some examples of common questions that we receive from current players and interested bettors are:

I’m having problems setting up my account. Is there anyone that can help me?

Of course. Although we’ve tried to simplify our registration process as much as possible, we understand that new users may have questions regarding the process. If you run into any problems, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team via e-mail or our live chat feature.

I’m confused by the terminology that I see in the rules of a game. What should I do?

You’re always welcome to get in touch with our customer service team if you’re confused. However, Picklebet provides you with numerous resources when it comes to understanding the wording or the terms of any bet. Our contest rules and betting rules are great examples of tools that you can use to bet with confidence.

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