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Sports betting allows you to place a bet or a wager on any fixture or tournament outcome. The same applies to rugby; you can decide who you think will win a particular match or competition. Yearly tournaments include Super Rugby, but you can place bets for international test matches as well. Additionally, alternative betting markets are slightly more challenging to predict, which means it typically offers better odds.

Why Trust Picklebet for Rugby Betting?

Picklebet is primarily an Esports betting platform. The site became active in 2017, intending to fill the Esports space since there were no other providers. As Esports enthusiasts, we wanted to create a channel where like-minded individuals could enjoy themselves. Picklebet is a licensed provider, and Australia’s Northern Territory government regulates our operation. Apart from Esports, we have various traditional sports betting opportunities that include rugby.

A History of Rugby

Although there’s little evidence to support the story of how rugby came about, it seems to be the most logical. The story takes us back to 1823 when a schoolboy named William Webb Ellis was playing a game of soccer at Rugby School in Warwickshire, England. The little boy decided to pick up the football and run with it, going against the conventions of the day. Even though there’s no evidence of this, the international rugby world cup is today known as the Webb Ellis trophy.

Forty years later, a collection of boarding schools and clubs devised a set of rules and formed the Rugby Football Union in 1871. During that year, the first-ever international match took place between England and Scotland, where the Scots won 1-0. The game spread rapidly to Scotland and Ireland, leading to the establishment of several clubs. Working and middle-class men from British colonies such as South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand grew to learn and love the game. In 1875 and 1877, Ireland began playing England and Scotland, and these three formed the Home Nations. In addition, there was a breakaway of 22 leading Northern England clubs who created the Northern Rugby Football Union and the Rugby Football League.

As the game spread to Wales, they essentially had clubs representing small mining towns. Rugby emerged as a focal point of nationalism, and the Welsh Rugby Union came into being in 1881. However, rugby took on new levels of meaning culturally in the Southern Hemisphere. South Africa and New Zealand applied the sport to stimulate national identity and, at times to address political and social issues.

In Australia, the eastern coastal region appreciated the sport more than other areas, leading to the creation of the Southern Rugby Football Union in Sydney back in 1874. There were only five clubs in Sydney then, which became 79 by the 1900s. In 1897, the Metropolitan Rugby Union was established and was later known as the New South Wales Rugby Union (NSWRU). However, since Aussie Rules was a factor, it was only until 1949 that saw the formation of the Australian Rugby Union.

A New Zealand natives tour occurred in 1888 where a group of primarily Maori players played 74 matches across Britain. They’d won 49 of those, including against some of the best English teams. Earl Ranfurly, governor of New Zealand, presented the Ranfurly Shield in 1902, which was a provincial competition. A year later, New Zealand played a truly Australian team, with the All Blacks defeating all opponents in their path. Their success at international level and a robust domestic setup cemented rugby as the number one sport in the country.

The International Rugby Board held the first-ever Rugby World Cup in 1987 in New Zealand and Australia, which was a resounding success. By 1995, the Rugby World Cup was the fourth-largest international sporting event on television, reaching 124 countries and 2.7 billion viewers.

Before that tournament, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa joined forces to create SANZAR and the perfect rugby product. The results were the Super Rugby provincial competition and the Rugby Championship international series.

New Zealand and South Africa are the most successful rugby teams if you consider their Rugby World Cup wins. They both have won the tournament three times while Australia won the cup twice and England just one time.

Common Questions

How Do I Bet on Rugby?

You’ll need to sign-up for a Picklebet account—deposit money using one of several methods and select rugby from the sports betting menu. Then, you can select the fixture that you’d like to place a wager on and enter your amount before confirming the bet.

How are Gambling Odds Decided?

Picklebet determines the odds using the mathematical probability of a particular rugby match or tournament.

How Do I Sign-Up?

Click the green Sign-Up button on the top right of the homepage. Enter your email address and password, and you’re ready to start betting.

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