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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) involves matchups between two individuals in an enclosed space. As a part of sports betting, you can now place a bet or wager on the outcome of each MMA match. Beyond betting on the winner of the encounter, there are multiple alternative markets that you can wager on, such as the duration of the fight or the exact time or round when a fighter will go down.

Why Trust Picklebet for MMA Betting?

Picklebet is an online betting platform developed by Esports fanatics. We are primarily an Esports site, but we decided to broaden our offerings by including traditional sports betting. We offer multiple markets, including football, cricket, rugby, and MMA.

Since we established the organisation in 2017, we’ve maintained a current license for our operations, and Australia’s Northern Territory government regulates our enterprise. You can be fully confident in the services that we provide and know that we honour every player on our site.

A History of MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is undoubtedly one of the fastest-rising sports in the world. It’s a combat sport that delivers levels of excitement that are second to none. Even though it’s been growing fast, newcomers often mistake the sport for pure violence, which is why it’s helpful to understand its origins.

The sport incorporates combat techniques from boxing, karate, judo, jujitsu, wrestling, and other similar sports. Its history takes us back to the Olympic Games in 648 BCE when the Greek discipline of pankration was a popular combat sport. Eye-gouging and biting were the only actions that fighters couldn’t take. A match would end when one fighter acknowledged defeat or was unconscious.

Roman emperor Theodosius I banned the games, but this style of combat re-emerged in the 20th century in Brazil. The name of the sport was vale tudo—translated into English, “anything goes”. Brothers Carlos and Hélio Gracie took the sport to another level, sometimes fighting in front of fans in large soccer stadiums.

Ultimately, it was Hélio’s son Royce Gracie who took the sport to America by representing his family in a tournament in Colorado, which became UFC 1. This tournament led to the development of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to promote MMA events. The initial aim of the UFC was to pit fighters with different styles against one another.

More than 80,000 viewers witnessed the UFC’s first pay-per-view event; that viewership gradually increased to 300,000 by its third event. Most of the public regarded it as a no-holds-barred sport—then-Senator John McCain even tried to ban it. UFC management created new rules in 2001 to make the sport safer, adding weight classes, time limits, rounds, and several fouls.

Fighters trained regularly to ensure that their bodies were in peak physical condition. By 2007, the sport was making waves again: viewers started to embrace its nature as guidelines continued to develop in the sport, including the addition of a rule that fighters had to wear padded fingerless gloves.

Royce Gracie was the first inductee to the UFC Hall of Fame in 2003. The sport has recorded several stars over its recent history, including Americans Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell. In the lower weight divisions, Irish fighter Conor McGregor became a renowned MMA participant. He earned the UFC featherweight championship in 2015.

The sport crossed gender barriers as Ronda Rousey started her MMA career in 2011 after winning a bronze medal for judo at the 2008 Olympic Games. She didn’t lose a fight from her debut until 2015 when Holly Holm defeated her in front of a pay-per-view audience of 1.1 million in one of UFC’s top-selling events of all time.

Common Questions

How Do I Place a Bet?

You require a Picklebet account to be active on the site. You simply have to create an account and deposit funds when you’re ready—we provide several deposit methods to make this process easy. Simply click on the sports betting section of the site and select MMA, and you’ll discover a list of upcoming bouts. You can make a selection, enter your wager, and hope that you’ve selected a winner.

How Are Gambling Odds Decided?

Picklebet determines the odds using the mathematical probability of each MMA match or tournament.

How Do I Sign-Up?

When you arrive at the home betting page, you’ll find the SIGN-UP button on the top-righthand side of the screen lit up in green. After clicking it, you must fill in your email address and password to set up your account.

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