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Cricket is a fascinating and highly competitive sport around the world. Regulated by the International Cricket Council, thousands of people gather to cheer on their favourite team throughout the cricket season. Over the years, the practice of betting on cricket games has become popular among cricket fans.

Picklebet gives you the opportunity to make money when you place the winning bet on a game. We feature numerous game options to bet on cricket games. Whether you want to place a bet during the Cricket World Cup or you would prefer to make a wager on a county championship, Picklebet provides you with gambling access to all of the top games in the cricket world.

Why Trust Picklebet for Cricket Betting?

If you’re ready to enjoy a unique and secure esports betting experience, there is no better choice than to use our platform. Picklebet is formally registered and licensed by Australia’s Northern Territory Government, which gives you the confidence to know that every bet you place is safe. Do you have more questions about the terms and conditions of our site? Chat with a member of our customer service team either through e-mail or live chat.

A History of Cricket

If you love cricket, you may find it interesting to learn more about the development of the sport. Here are some interesting highlights:

16th century origins

Many don’t realize that cricket dates back to 1597. The first date of a recorded cricket reference was January 17, 1597. It’s likely that the game took place in some form before this date, however. For example, during the 1300s, historians found a game known as “creag”, which is an Old English word for “cricket”. However, the cricket game that we know today didn’t formally take place until 1597.

An international event

It wasn’t until 1844 that the first international cricket event took place. The United States and Canada went head-to-head in a match at the St. George’s Cricket Club in New York. Canada dominated the Americans and clinched victory with an impressive 23 run lead. During this match, there were as many as 20,000 spectators in attendance with up to $120,000 betting transactions on that day.

The Olympics

Although cricket has a large following in the sports world, it’s only been featured at the Olympics once. In 1900, England and France played against each other, with the English team coming out as the victors. While there have been calls for cricket to make another appearance in the Olympics, these sentiments have not come to fruition.

Common Questions

Are you thinking about signing up for a Picklebet account, but you have more questions about our platform or gambling options? We have the answers:

What information do I have to enter to set up a Picklebet account?

Whereas other online esports gambling sites make you spend long periods not only entering personal information but waiting for account validation, we try to make the process easy. It shouldn’t take any longer than a few minutes to type in the information that we need to open an account for you. Once you choose a way to fund your account, you can begin placing bets on your favourite cricket event.

What happens if I don’t want to place a cricket bet? Could I make a wager on another sporting event?

Absolutely. Once you open and fund your Picklebet account, you can place a bet on any esports event that you see on our website. Scan through our library, do your research on the participants, place your wager and check back at the end of the game to see if your bet paid off.

How fast will I see my winnings?

We start working on processing payouts at the conclusion of the game. If you would like to transfer these proceeds from your player account to your personal account, you will need to make a separate request. Our team works to process any withdrawal request made before 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on the same day, Monday through Friday. However, it may take one to three business days before you see the funds in your account.

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