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All 30 teams (15 in the American League and 15 in the National League) play 162 games each per season - from late March/early April to early November. The post-season includes the playoffs and World Series.

You can bet on the MLB and other Baseball leagues with Picklebet. In fact, Picklebet has all the tools you need to start betting on Baseball, including betting tips, previews, 2022/23 MLB season betting odds, markets and access to promos under the PROMOTIONS tab.

World Series MLB Betting explained

The World series is played between the winners of the 2 leagues that make up the MLB - the American League and the National League.

But you’re probably thinking, how does a team get to the World Series? First, 10 teams qualify for the playoffs every year (5 from each league). That 10 consists of the 6 teams that win each of the 6 divisions (AL East, AL Central, AL West, NL East, NL Central and NL West).

The 4 remaining spots are wild card entries. These belong to the 2 teams from each of the AL and NL that recorded the best regular season without winning their division. The Wild Card teams play each other, then the winners advance to the playoffs (also known as the Division Series), there are 8 teams left at this point.

The Division Series are essentially quarter-finals, and are best-of-five series’. The 2 winners of the Division Series from each league advance to the League Championship Series (best-of-seven series), then the winners of that (the American League champions and the National League champions), advance to the World Series.

The World Series is also a best-of-seven series. The first team to win 4 games is declared the champions.

MLB Betting Tips

To maximise MLB bettings odds and your chances of winning, keep the following in mind:

Form. Look at the ladder or recent form to judge if a team is on fire or struggling.
Match up. Look at the recent history to see if one team has winning form over the other.
Home field advantage. Some teams have the advantage while playing at home. For example, the Houston Astros perform particularly well at Minute Maid Park.
Star players. They get paid a lot of money for a reason. Look at the teams and judge who has the most fire power to carry their team to victory.
Pitcher rotation. Professional baseball teams have up to 6 pitchers on a rotation, so whoever is pitching will impact the outcome.

The Most Common MLB Betting Markets

Find the best MLB bettings odds via the following markets:

Head-to-head. Pick which team you would like to win. For example, Yankees to defeat the Mets.
Winning margin. How many runs will your chosen team win by?
Total runs (over/under). Bet on the total number of runs scored.
Race to. Want a quick result? Bet on which team will reach a specific number of runs first.
Hit a home run. Pick a player to hit at least one home run anytime throughout the game.
Run line. With a run line, the standard spread is always 1.5 runs. The favourite (-1.5 runs) will need to win by 2 or more. The underdog (+1.5) must win the game or lose by 1 run.
Hits markets. Bet on which team will have the most hits.
Correct score markets. Pick the correct final score.
Money Line. The money line is simply the odds to win.
Baseball futures. Bet long-term on events such as ‘Yankees’ to make the 2022 World Series.

*Not all markets are available at all times.

The Best MLB teams and players to bet on in 2022

Teams (according to the MLB Power Rankings as of May 31, 2022):

Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Yankees
San Diego Padres
Houston Astros
New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins
Toronto Blue Jays
St. Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays

Players (according to MLB 2022 rankings):

Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Angels)
Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)
Fernando Tatis Jr (San Diego Padres)
Juan Soto (Washington Nationals)
Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies)
Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Jacob deGrom (New York Mets)
Vladimir Guerrero Jr (Toronto Blue Jays)
Freddie Freeman (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Ronald Acuna Jr (Atlanta Braves)

The Last 10 MLB World Series Champions

2021 - Atlanta Braves def. Houston Astros
2020 - Los Angeles Dodgers def. Tampa Bay Rays
2019 - Washington Nationals def. Houston Astros
2018 - Boston Red Soxs def. LA Dodgers
2017 - Houston Astros def. LA Dodgers
2016 - Chicago Cubs def. Cleveland Indians
2015 - Kansas City Royals def. NY Mets
2014 - San Francisco Giants def. Kansas City Royals
2013 - Boston Red Sox def. St. Louis Cardinals
2012 - San Francisco Giants def. Detroit Tigers

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