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What is Aussie Rules Betting?

Sports betting is an extremely popular pastime that involves placing a wager on a particular event. Australian rules football, otherwise known as Aussie Rules, is one sport you can bet on by selecting a particular team to win a fixture. You can also bet on tournaments or various other handicaps and line betting, which may offer better odds since they’re more challenging to predict.

Why Trust Picklebet for Aussie Rules betting?

Picklebet is primarily an Esports site that offers players the ability to wager their favourite digital games such as DOTA 2, FIFA and League of Legend (LOL). The love for Esports helped to create a space for sports betting. The company has a proper license, and the Northern Territory Government regulates our operation. Consequently, you can be confident of trusting Picklebet to provide entertainment in the form of wagering on Aussie Rules. We’ve existed since 2017 and continue being the primary company for Esports in Australia.

A History of Aussie Rules

Aussie Rules is a sport specifically from Australia that predates other modern forms of football in terms of creating an official code of play. Back in the late 1850s, the game came into existence through various football rules that English public schools used. Since Melbourne, Victoria was the region for the invention, people referred to the game as Melbourne or Victoria Rules Football. Even though the country plays other types of football, the Australian Football League (formerly the Victorian Football League) is the most popular competition in terms of attendance and television audiences.

Cricket was the primary sport back then, so cricketer Thomas Wentworth Wills wanted to address his team’s off-season fitness ultimately, aiming to form a football club for his teammates. The Melbourne Cricket Club agreed and appointed a committee to create a set of rules. Thus, in 1858 and 1859, the Melbourne and Geelong clubs came into being, respectively. On the 17th of May 1859, the committee agreed on a compromise between the various English public schools such as Winchester, Harrow, and Rugby. Players could handle the ball but not farther than it was necessary to kick. Will’s cousin, H.C.A. Harrison, then made some adjustments, such as imposing a limit on the number of players on each side - it was then a maximum of 20 per team.

Players were reluctant to tackle because of the hard grounds, so they didn’t allow hacking. Other notable features included a free-kick to players who clearly ‘marked’ the ball when catching it cleanly in the air, and from 1865, the player running with the ball had to bounce it off the turf after every ten metres. But, perhaps, the stark difference between other types of football was the lack of the offside rule. This rule meant that players could be behind or in front of the ball during play.

The game evolved to include two large goalposts alongside two shorter behind posts, and the umpires would use a centre bounce to start the game or restart after a goal. The goal umpire waving a flag to signal a goal started in Tasmania in 1884. During this period, the game became increasingly popular, attracting as many as 10,000 fans who watched the competitive matches for free.

The ball for Aussie rules is similar to a rugby ball, and players currently have to bounce it once every 15 minutes. Players can pass the ball by spiking it, similar to a volleyball shot, or simply kicking it to a partner, but they can’t throw the ball since it’s an illegal move. Teams score points by kicking the ball through the goal, which is worth six points, while getting it through the behind posts is worth one point at any height.

The game typically occurs on an oval field that varies in width and length. Today, a team consists of 18 players, and they battle it out in a match of four quarters - each one being 20 minutes long. There is more contact than association football (soccer) but less than rugby or gridiron football. Players can use their hips, shoulders, chest, open hand, or arms to check an opponent as long as the ball isn’t more than five metres away.

As such, you can expect a game of unrelenting pace with few stoppages in between. The heart-racing tempo of the sport makes for enjoyable viewing, and with the number of betting markets available, it’s an exciting pastime.

Common Questions

How are gambling odds decided?

Picklebet determines the odds by the mathematical probability of a particular Aussie Rules match or tournament.

How do I place a bet?

Sign up for a Picklebet playing account, deposit money and browse the various sports categories we have on offer. Simply click on the match you want to wager on and select the appropriate bet from the available markets.

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