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PUBG is the video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is an Esport that you can place wagers on as you predict the winner of the battle royale. Since games can have up to 100 participants, you must select wisely. You’ll find the odds of a particular player, duo, or squad next to their names, and you can back them for the win.

Why Trust Picklebet for PUBG betting?

Picklebet was established in 2017 by Esports enthusiasts for like-minded gamers. Since there weren’t any reliable betting platforms that offered markets for Esports, we came up with Picklebet. Currently, we offer a wide range of Esports betting that includes FIFA, DOTA 2, NBA 2K, Hearthstone, Rocket League, and Overwatch, just to mention a few.

We understand that traditional sports still hold a close place in our hearts, so you can also bet on multiple sporting events that take place around the world. We are licenced and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory government. You will always have peace of mind trusting in our platform.

A History of PUBG

PUBG is an online multiplayer video game that gamers play in either the first or third person. Each game can contain up to 100 players who fight in a battle royale until they’re the last person or team standing. Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene created the game based on other mods, inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale.

At the start of the game, players arrive together via an airship and must use their parachutes to land in a specific part of the island. Players can decide exactly where they’d like to land, choosing a place that they assume is the best location for them to utilise to begin the game. The primary objective is to outlast everyone else on the island. To achieve this goal, players scavenge for weapons and other gear while finding ideal vantage points from which to observe their opponents.

There are empty buildings, sheds, warehouses, and ghost towns that contain essential equipment, and players can use vehicles to navigate around the island. The game gets interesting when the playable area starts shrinking to one place on a vast map. Players who end up outside of this ‘safe zone’ will receive damage until they’re dead or return to the playable zone. The game ends when one player or team is left alive.

In 2017, Bluehole, its holding company, announced a charity invitational event to raise funds for the Gamers Outreach Foundation. 128 players competed in this tournament, during which they raised US$120,000 from viewers on Twitch. This competition served as a prototype for future Esports events.

In 2017, Bluehole and the ESL (Electronic Sports League) hosted the first Battlegrounds tournament, which was by invite only and had a $350,000 prize pool. They held separate events for solo players, two-player teams, and four-player teams using only the first-person perspective. Each category had three matches, and the team or player who scored the highest across these matches became champions. In November 2017, Intel organised a 20-team, 80-player tournament with a prize pool of $200,000.

As of 2020, PUBG is one of the most popular open-world map and randomisation games with over 600 million downloads—most in India and China. The game has won several awards, including “Best Multiplayer Game”, “Best Ongoing Game”, and “Game of the Year” at The Game Awards 2017.

Common Questions

What is Esports betting?

Esports betting is exactly the same as traditional sports betting, except the matches take place via a video game. However, you can place a wager to predict the outcome of matches the same as you can for physical sports. The games are usually played over a console, smartphone, or computer by an individual or a team of players.

Since Esports is growing rapidly, there are multiple markets that you can bet on across multiple games. Match odds work the same as traditional sports. Some of the games that you can wager on are CS:GO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, COD (Call of Duty), Fortnite, Hearthstone, and Rocket League—with more still to come.

Who do I contact if I require help?

Even though we’re an online platform, we have a dedicated customer support team available to assist you. You can contact the support team via the live chat on the site by clicking the ‘Help’ button or sending an email to

How do I sign up for Picklebet?

Signing up for a Picklebet account is free. You simply need to click on the green ‘Sign Up’ button on the top-right side of the page. You’ll have to fill in an email address and password to register a Picklebet account.

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