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Bursting onto the scene in 2001, Halo was one of the first esports to explode in popularity.

A first-person game and esport, you can bet on competitive Halo esports all over the world with Picklebet. In fact, Picklebet has all the information you need to start betting on Halo, including betting tips, odds, markets and access to promos. The latest incarnation of the game is Halo: Infinite.

Major Halo tournaments 2022

North America Regionals - February 11-13
Mexico Super - March 4-6
Oceania Super - March 4-6
Europe Super - March 25-27
Kansas City Major - April 29 - May 1
Orlando Major - September 23-25
Halo World Championship 2022 - October 20-23

Halo Teams to watch in 2022

Cloud9. A North American esports organisation, C9 is one of the most dominant teams on the circuit, Cloud9 has started the year with multiple wins. They’re also the first Halo Infinite World Champions.

OpTic Gaming. In 2022, FormaL joined the team to play beside Tommy “Lucid” Wilson, Bradley “aPG” Laws, and Joey “TriPPPeY” Taylor. After leaving Halo, OpTic re-entered Halo with the launch of Infinite in November, 2021.

FaZeClan. One of the most notorious esports organisations, FaZeClan has a roster filled with stars fronted by Goat contender, Snip3down. The rest of the team consists of Bound, Bubu Dubu and Falcated.

Sentinels. Their roster is stacked with talent including SnakeBite, LethuL, Royal2 and Frosty. Sentinels started 2022 in style with a win at the HCS Major Kansas City.

Halo Betting Tips

Get the edge over the bookie and other bettors by using the right strategies:

Roster changes. If the best players aren’t playing, a performance dip will likely result.

Halo betting markets. Get accustomed with the Halo betting markets, so you can optimise the amount of ways to place winning bets.

Recent form. A team’s most recent results will give you a snapshot of their overall form.

Key match-ups. Boost your chances of winning by delving into how certain players and teams match up against each other. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

The Most Common Halo Betting Markets

Picklebet offers a variety of next to go and outright betting markets. While markets are not always available, they can include:

Map winner. Bet on the team to win a certain map in the match. For example, Cloud9 to win Map 1.

Handicap. Bet on a team to win a certain match with a ‘handicap’ set by the Bookie. For example, bet on Fnatic with a “Map handicap” of +1.5.

Team to get first blood. Bet on the team to get the first kill of the map. For example, Optic Gaming to get first blood (Map 1).

Series Winner. Bet on the winner of the series. For example, FaZeClan to win the series.

Tournament Winner. Bet on the team to win the tournament. For example, XSET to win the tournament.

Tournament Finalist. Bet on a team to reach the final, if you’re unsure which team will win. For example, eUnited to make the final.

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