OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China - Review

OGA Dota Pit China ended this Monday and Vici Gaming are the champions of Dota Pit Season 3.

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14th Oct, 20·☕️ 4 min read

In the incredible back and forth grand finals, Vici managed to take down the biggest favourites PSG.LGD with a close 3-2. This is the second Dota Pit China title for Vici Gaming. For the first place they won $37,521.

Previous Seasons

Vici Gaming played all 3 seasons of OGA Dota Pit China. In all 3 seasons they were in grand finals, finishing top 2. From those 3 grand finals, they have 2 championships won, and 1 second place. In the season 1 they faced PSG.LGD, but in the end they’ve celebrated with a dominant 3-1 win. In the second season their grand final opponent was CDEC Gaming. In a close 5 map series, CDEC won that match with a 3-2 result. The 3rd season of the tournament was announced, and in the end Vici Gaming took the win again. We can surely call them the kings of OGA Dota Pit China, as with two first places and one second place in three seasons they’ve deserved that title.

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Season 3: Road To The Championship

Most probably, Vici Gaming had the hardest road of all teams in this competition. They were placed in the group A together with PSG.LGD, Royal Never Give Up and Sparking Arrow Gaming. Very hard group with very stable Chinese teams. And from the start of the tournament, PSG.LGD showed themselves as the biggest favourites. They’ve won their group dominantly with 3 straight wins. Vici Gaming ended in second place, right behind PSG.LGD. And yes, their only loss was vs PSG.LGD, but they’ve managed to take a map off them there. That was a positive sign for the next stage in the competition. Other two matches vs RNG and SAG were easy for Vici. 4 maps straight won, and they were safe for the playoffs. In the upper bracket round 1, Vici played Magma, but right after that win, they had to play again against their biggest nemesis PSG.LGD. Sadly, they were crushed in that series, and they dropped down to the losers bracket. Luckly, they’ve kept cool heads and they’ve managed to connect 3 straight wins to be able to reach grand finals. Teams like RNG, EHOME and Team Aster were dropping like flies in the lower bracket to Vici’s amazing play.

The Grand finals of OGA Dota Pit China were really special. Amazing 5 games, packed with actions, amazing plays and hero combinations. Whole series was back and forth, but it didn’t look good at the beginning for Vici. They started on a bad foot by losing map 1 and map 3. However, being down 1-2 they’ve managed to pull off a miracle and push PSG.LGD to their limit, to be able to take deciding 4th and 5th maps. Really amazing performance for the Vici Gaming in the grand finals. As that being said, PSG.LGD is the only team that managed to beat Vici Gaming in this tournament. However, Vici Gaming is the only team that managed to beat PSG.LGD in this season of Dota Pit. Impressive enough.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, PSG.LGD were massive favourites to take this tournament, as they are the most dominant team in China currently. Vici won that grand final against all odds. They showed that after all the roster shuffle on the Chinese Dota 2 scene, they are still managing to be one of the most impressive teams out there. Both PSG.LGD showed amazing Dota 2 and they are for sure 2 out of 3 best teams in China right now. It will be interesting to see their next competition and how this rivalry can continue. Can Team Aster or Invictus Gaming be a threat to that duo or no? We will see them in the next online tournament.

OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China Final Rankings

  • 1st place Vici Gaming - $37,521
  • 2nd place PSG.LGD - $19,494
  • 3rd place Team Aster - $10,494
  • 4th place EHOME - $7,497
  • 5th-6th place Royal Never Give Up / Team MagMa - $4,500
  • 7th-8th place Sparking Arrow Gaming / Invictus Gaming - $2,997


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