LoL (World Championships) Daily Betting Tips - September 26th

The League of Legends World Championship continues on Saturday with six games as the play-in stage moves quickly through. Here is a breakdown of the reasons why you should consider the two teams we’ve selected to win.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
25th Sep, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Rainbow7 v V3 Esports

Rainbow7 (1.69)

During any Worlds competition, it isn’t prudent to see the difference in the leagues the teams play in. Instead, a comparison between the pace of play between both teams makes for a better point of analysis. Rainbow7 is a Mexican League of Legends team. V3 plays in Japan. The pace difference isn’t too big, as it would be for the LEC and the CBLOL for example. Hence, it comes down to other factors, like experience and form. Rainbow7 has won 33 of 54 maps in this calendar year. There is enough momentum in that record to carry them through against V3.


Interestingly, no player from Rainbow7 has a kill rate of over 4. Leza has been their most proficient killing weapon, with 3.09 kills and a KDA of 3.77. Josedeodo has been quite solid as well, putting up 2.59 kills, 1.26 deaths and 5.46 assists. That gives him a team-leading KDA of 6.4. Shadow has averaged the most assists at 7.2 per game this year.

SuperMassive Esports v Mad Lions

Mad Lions (1.35)

With respect to SuperMassive Esports, who are a solid team in their own right, they are going to find it hard just to stay abreast with the explosive nature of Mad Lions in this fixture. There is just far too much skill and quality in Mad Lions, who have continued to impress right through the European Championship. Mad Lions have won 31 of 59 maps in a highly-competitive LEC, primarily by just sticking to their own aggressive manner of play.


Impressively, Mad Lions have used just five players right through both splits of the LEC. That just shows how dependable each player is at their respective roles. Carzzy has been averaging 3.83 kills per game along with 5.75 assists per map in a stellar display of consistency. Humanoid and Shad0w have both averaged over three kills per map as well. These three, in tandem, will be incredibly hard to stop for SuperMassive Esports, which is why even odds of 1.35 could be worth the punt.


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