LoL (Oceanic Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - June 26th

The League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL) Split 2 continues with another set of matches this Friday. As we enter Week 4 of the split, Legacy are still sitting at the top of the leaderboard, closely followed by Chiefs and a four-way tie between Avant, Dire Wolves, ORDER and

Michael Lee
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26th Jun, 20·☕️ 5 min read

The League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL) Split 2 continues with another set of matches this Friday. As we enter Week 4 of the split, Legacy are still sitting at the top of the leaderboard, closely followed by Chiefs and a four-way tie between Avant, Dire Wolves, ORDER and Far behind the pack are Gravitas and MAMMOTH who have secured one and zero wins respectively, effectively meaning they are already out of the title race.

Nevertheless, there is a lot more action left to see, especially the final match of the day between Legacy and Chiefs, who will look to derail the reigning OPL champions and keep themselves in contention for their fifth OPL title.

Avant vs

Friday, June 26 - 16:00 AEST

Avant have managed a 3-3 record throughout the opening three weeks of OPL Split 2 and will now look to produce their first perfect week, starting with their match against, who have seen the same level of success so far this split.

Throughout the opening three weeks, Avant defeated MAMMOTH, Dire Wolves and Gravitas, but fell flat against Chiefs, Gravitas and Legacy Esports. defeated Chiefs, MAMMOTH and Gravitas, but failed to defeat ORDER, Dire Wolves and Legacy Esports.

From what I have seen from, they’re a team that can either impress and produce a deep run into the playoffs, or fall completely flat and disappoint everyone. Avant, on the other hand are a solid team but they have yet to impress. Yes, they took down Dire Wolves, but that was at the time when the Wolfpack were struggling.

This will be a perfect opportunity for Avant to break away from the pack and start their climb to the playoffs. Defeating won’t be easy, however Avant can always count on Chazz to deliver and since they decided to field gunkrab, this team looked somewhat better. I will count on gunkrab to perform as solid as he did against Legacy, and if he does, Avant should have no issues winning here.

Prediction: Avant to win - $2.02

ORDER vs Dire Wolves

Friday, June 26 - 17:00 AEST

Dire Wolves desperately need to find their rhythm before it’s too late and if they fail to pick up a perfect week here, they just might be out of the title race entirely. So far, Dire Wolves lost to Legacy, Avant and Chiefs, but picked up wins against Gravitas, MAMMOTH and ORDER, defeated Gravitas, and MAMMOTH, but lost to Legacy, Chiefs and Avant.

The betting odds show Dire Wolves as favourites, which I can’t argue with, since they have far more individual quality. Their overall performances, however, were a bit shaky. Against Chiefs, Chippys failed to impress and to be fair he did not impress me in either of the six matches played. He is averaging 1.7 KDA which is far below all of his teammates. On the topic of poor performances, Shok failed to show up this split as well with his 2.9 KDA, and while he has looked somewhat solid against Chiefs (5/4/3), Shok is just not playing as good as Dire Wolves need him to. ORDER might not have impressed either, but they at least have a better top laner in SWip3rR. The bottom lane matchup could end either way but I still have to give an edge to rare7 who has proven to be very deadly and has yet to have a bad game. Expect a close match, which can easily end in a win for ORDER.

Prediction: ORDER to win - $1.98

Gravitas vs MAMMOTH

Friday, June 26 - 18:00 AEST

So far, MAMMOTH have lost to Avant,, Dire Wolves, Legacy Esports, Chiefs and ORDER, so the only team left for them to face is Gravitas, which just might be their best chance to avoid finishing the regular season winless.

Gravitas have not been performing too well this split and while they at least took down Avant during Week 2, it was at the time when Avant were clearly struggling, so I’m still waiting to see a bit more from this squad. Amid all the struggles Gravitas have shown, they at least have Siuman who has been playing decent, which I can’t say for the remaining four members, especially top laner Kweku.

On MAMMOTH, no player has managed to show any promise. Their best player remains marksman Mboma with 1.7 KDA and although that is only slightly below Puma, the latter is a much better ADC. I am tempted to give MAMMOTH a chance to defeat Gravitas but until I see some improvement, I just can’t get myself to do so.

Prediction: Gravitas to win - $1.39

Legacy Esports vs Chiefs Esports Club

Friday, June 26 - 19:00 AEST

If Chiefs fail to take down Legacy here, we might as well give Legacy their trophy and leave the remaining seven teams to fight for the silver medal. It’s fair to say the motivation to defeat Legacy is there, but quality-wise, Chiefs still seem to be a step behind the reigning OPL champions.

Last week, Chiefs defeated MAMMOTH and Dire Wolves, both in a very convincing fashion, which suggests Chiefs are in great shape and should offer a lot of resistance this Friday. Legacy, on the other side, came away from the third week with wins against Avant and, however those wins were not as convincing as I had expected.

Against, Legacy gave up 11 deaths and seven turrets while they still managed to secure 16 kills and 11 turrets. Something similar happened against Avant, who picked up 11 kills and four turrets, while Legacy managed 15 kills and 10 turrets.

As evident, many other OPL teams can compete with Legacy when it comes to collecting kills, but they are usually no match for Legacy’s superior macro play. Unfortunately for them, Chiefs have shown a very strong objective control. Chiefs have also shown they’re not afraid to fight, which could catch Legacy by surprise.

Wining the early game and using the advantage to snowball the lead will be crucial for Chiefs and while they will be fighting an uphill battle, they are not entirely hopeless against Legacy. At these odds, Chiefs seem to be slightly underrated, so I will take my chances and back the underdogs.

Prediction: Chiefs Esports Club to win - $2.43


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