LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - July 7th

The LPL continues on Tuesday with a couple of fixtures. We take a look at bets to consider from both games below.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
7th Jul, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Vici Gaming v Rogue Warriors

Total maps: Over 2.5 (2.11)

The question here is whether Rogue Warriors can win a map. They’ve had a horrendous start to the summer split, having won just 2 maps out of 16. That doesn’t do much for their confidence or momentum. However, with just the nature of League of Legends, that doesn’t mean much on game day. Vici Gaming should certainly be able to win at least one map. That makes the total maps a more lucrative market than map handicap. Just like how many teams have won a map this split this season but lost the series, I expect Vici Gaming to win in three.


Zwuji is the only player from Rogue Warriors to have played all 16 games this split. That’s how fluid Rogue Warriors have been. Ruby has led the offensive production for RW this season with 3.87 kills and 5.4 assists per game. For Vici Gaming, it will come down to iBoy and Cube again. Both of them have delivered a combined 5.79 kills per game in summer.

Suning Gaming v Estar

Estar (2.46)

Estar had a very good chance in the second map against Victory Five in their previous game, but they collapsed under pressure. They engaged in jungle fights when they didn’t need to and Victory Five preyed upon that. However, Estar have the skill and depth through their roster to challenge Suning, even after that loss. While Estar have won just 8 of 20 maps, Suning have won 11 of 19. That’s quite a stark difference but I suspect this game is there for the upset. Estar are coming into this on the back of a strong spring split in which they were even leading the regular-season standings. That should count for something.


While Estar have lost Cryin to Royal Never Give Up, they still have bot laner Wink, who has been averaging 3.55 kills per game this split. Wei has been good in the jungle, flanking opponents in engagement fights. He has 3.3 kills to show for that effort. Their new mid laner Fenfen has been a bit underwhelming, they will need him to step up to reverse this record.


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