LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - July 22nd

The LPL continues to roll on with another two games on Wednesday, including the stuttering Estar facing off against Rogue Warriors. Here are some predictions to consider for your bet slip from the day’s games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
22nd Jul, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Rogue Warriors v Estar

Estar (2.05)

Estar and Rogue Warriors have exactly the same series record in this season’s LPL so far. Both teams have won 3 of 11 matches. Both teams will also be decidedly disappointed with that performance. Rogue Warriors are coming off a quality 2-0 win against FunPlus Phoenix that will definitely lift their spirits. However, when a game is tight, it’s never a bad idea to back skill and squad depth along with previous split performances. Estar have the upper hand in all of these factors, which will have an impact in Summoner’s Rift on Wednesday.


It’s always a problem when a team’s jungler overtakes both the mid laner and AD Carry in terms of kills. Wei has the most kills for Estar, with 3.41 per game. Bot laner Wink isn’t too far off, averaging 3.31 kills per map. Mid laner Fenfen has played all games for Estar in this split, with 2.69 kills and 6.41 assists per game. These three will have to find their offensive fluency in tandem in order to be able to destroy the nexus in at least two of three attempts.

Team WE v Bilibili Gaming

Team WE (1.37)

Picking up the early dragon can often set the tone for the game. Team WE have just not been able to consistently do that, which has led to a few unexpected losses. Still, they have a terrific summer record, having won 7 of 11 series and 17 of 29 maps to date. This record includes wins against some of the best teams in the LPL. Bilibili Gaming certainly doesn’t fit into that bracket yet. They have won just 11 of 25 maps in summer. Odds of 1.37 may seem low but it’s not a bad idea to group this selection with Estar for a high-risk, high-reward double too.


Jiumeng has been stunning for Team WE this season. He has put up 4.17 kills along with 6.03 assists a map. Beishang has also been quite reliable. He has the best KDA in Team WE with 3.38 kills and 6.52 assists, taking his KDA to 5.13. Teacherama and Morgan have also chipped in with more than two kills apiece. Team WE have also needed just five players through the entirety of summer so far.


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