LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - July 21st

Let’s transition to League of Legends again. Summer LoL season is here and some of the leagues are already pretty deep into their seasons. Let’s analyze some of the most interesting Tuesday matches in Chinese LPL league. Week 8, Day 2.

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21st Jul, 20·☕️ 2 min read

LPL Summer 2020: OMG vs FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix @ 1.25

OMG and FPX will kick-start the day on Tuesday. After suffering a loss to eStar, OMG are now all but eliminated from playoffs. With the top teams slipping further and further away from them, the best OMG can do is hinder other teams. And there is no team in a more delicate spot then FPX. As mentioned previously, FPX are in dire need of wins. Despite the team doing well in spring and making it to the finals of the Mid Season Cup, the team has looked uninspired for summer. A loss against OMG would all but seal their doom. They cannot afford to slip up again.

LPL Summer 2020: Vici Gaming vs Edward Gaming

Vici Gaming @ 1.62

EDG will take on Vici, in hopes that their season is salvageable. After picking up a few wins early on in the season, EDG fell backward and now are on the verge of elimination. Two match wins behind, the closest playoff team to EDG is Vici. A loss here would all but eliminate them from the race. On the other hand, Vici will be relieved. After facing FPX, JDG, and TOP, EDG should be a much easier match. However, Vici cannot fall into a false sense of security, as EDG is one of the teams that can still surpass Vici, as they are only two losses behind. Vici cannot let their guard down, less they find themselves falling short once again.


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