LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - July 15th

Day 3 of LPL Summer Split Week 7 is here. In the last few days we witnessed some crazy upsets in the LPL. Let’s see what Wednesday will bring us.

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15th Jul, 20·☕️ 2 min read

LPL Summer 2020: eStar vs Oh My God

Oh My God @ 1.90

OMG and eStar will start off the day this Wednesday. eStar are currently at the bottom of the table and are struggling to find wins. On a six-game losing streak, playoffs seem like a distant dream for them. However, a win here just might give them a boost to make a final push.

On the other side of the rift, OMG aren’t doing much better. Also sitting at the bottom of the table, their playoff race isn’t looking much better. The loser of this match will be all but eliminated from the race. OMG took maps of TOP Esports, Victory 5 and Bilibili. Can this mean something? This is a pretty even match, and odds are even on all sportsbooks, but I’m picking OMG here. eStar is on a big losing streak, and I do think this will break them mentally.

LPL Summer 2020: JD Gaming vs Vici Gaming

JD Gaming @ 1.26

Wednesday’s second match should be an interesting one. The current champions, JD Gaming, seem to be back in form. Winning six matches in a row, JDG are back in the race for the top two spots. With Loken stepping up his game, JDG are once again looking like a top tier team. However, up against them are Vici gaming, who are on a winning streak of their own.

After taking down FPX, Vici seems ready to take on the other top teams. After falling just short of the playoffs last split, Vici will want to redeem themselves this split. JD Gaming is in a good position here to break into top 2 of LPL this week. They surely have the quality. I do think JD Gaming can extend their 6 match winning streak, even though Vici Gaming is playing better and better. Maybe they can pull off a map.


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