LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - August 27th

The LPL’s summer split is nearly done. The grand final of the LPL is on Thursday with Top Esports up against JD Gaming. We take a look at predictions from the closing stages of the LPL.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
26th Aug, 20·☕️ 2 min read

Top Esports v JD Gaming

Top Esports (1.53)

Top Esports cruised through the semi-final of the LPL against Suning, winning without dropping a map. That is a fair reflection of how this season has panned out for them. They have been one of the best teams in the world, with a stunning kill rate. They finished the regular season of the LPL with a 13-3 record. It won’t be easy for Top Esports to beat JD Gaming the way they beat Suning, but there is far too much depth and quality in Top Esports, particularly over a sustained period like a best of five.


Top Esports have one of the most dominant mid laner-ADC combinations in the professional League of Legends set-up. Knight had averaged 5.7 kills per game during the regular season of the LPL, highest in the league. He was ably supported by JackeyLove, who had close to five kills of his own. Karsa has been fantastic in the jungle, from a flanking and itemization perspective. That is likely to continue in the final of the league.


Invictus Gaming v FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix (2.19)

Even though FunPlus Phoenix had a well below-par season here in summer, there is still plenty of skill and confidence in their roster. They won 9 of 16 matches, a bit below their best. Invictus were far better, finishing third in the standings with a 12-4 record. However, if you look at the map discrepancy, it isn’t too big. FunPlus have been a bit more consistent right through the year, including the spring split, which will aid their morale. There is also the factor of the higher payout with odds of well over 2.


Doinb and Lwx averaged close to 4.5 kills per game during the spring split. This season, that has come down by close to one kill per game each. That difference is stark even in an aggressive league like the LPL. Crisp and Tian have been solid as usual, aggregating over a combined 14 assists between them.


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