LoL (LEC) Daily Betting Tips - August 7th

With the LEC’s playoffs drawing nearer for the summer split, the final few games of the regular season assume more relevance. We break down Friday’s schedule with some predictions for your bet slip.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
7th Aug, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Team Vitality v Rogue

Rogue (1.39)

Rogue has been an inspired team this split. They have won 11 of 15 games, including victories against some of the best teams in the LEC. They have dominated the clutch moments in this summer season, winning team engagements just prior to objective spawns. Vitality have also performed above expectation this season, but have still lost nine of 15 games. Rogue will rely on their star Hans Sama, who has racked up 4.33 kills, and Larssen, who has put up close to five kills per map. Vitality will have to find a way to stop these two if they are to have any chance. I can’t see that happening considering the form Rogue are in.

Fnatic v Schalke 04

Fnatic (1.52)

Fnatic started this split very slowly, far too sluggishly by their standards at least. Now, with the pressure of a playoffs spot, they are definitely picking up the pace. Here’s an intriguing stat: no player from Fnatic has averaged more than three kills per game in the LEC’s summer split. The kills have been equally shared, but it’s also indicative of a lack of firepower. They will look to bot laner Rekkles for that output. He has generated a stunning KDA of 8.06 on 2.8 kills, 5.8 assists and 1.07 deaths per map. He even has a creep score of 312. Stunning numbers despite not having the offensive production he would desire.

G2 Esports v SK Gaming

G2 Esports (1.38)

No upsets being picked for Friday’s LEC schedule here. These three teams are some of the best in Europe. The best of the lot is G2, although their split record certainly doesn’t indicate that. G2 have eked their way over 0.500 for the season with eight wins and seven losses. Credit to them for staying patient and biding their team in the midst of some appalling form this season. SK Gaming have been middling too. Perkz, G2’s bot laner, and Caps, the mid laner, will be looked at for offensive production, against a team that has often struggled in mid-game plays after starting well.


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