LoL (LCK) Daily Betting Tips - August 21st

The LCK resumes on Friday with two more matches. Interestingly, the bottom-four teams play on Friday. We take a look at some considerations for your bet slip from Friday’s action.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
21st Aug, 20·☕️ 2 min read

Sandbox Gaming v Hanwha Life Esports

Sandbox Gaming (1.31)

You wouldn’t expect a team that is seventh out of 10 places to be such a firm favourite. That is because Hanwha Life Esports has absolutely struggled this season. They are placed ninth in the table, having won just 1 of 16 series to date. They have won a total of 6 of 31 maps in summer. Sandbox have been a lot steadier with their game, winning 15 of 40 maps. At least, there is a sense that Sandbox know how to win. That stark difference will make a massive difference in team engagements, especially early dragon collections.


Fate has been Sandbox’s most prolific offensive player, averaging 3.45 kills with 4.45 assists per game. He has a solid KDA of 4.38. Three other players have put up over two kills per game, providing able support to ensure that they can at least use some kill production to convert that into turret and subsequent nexus destruction.

Team Dynamics v SeolHaeOne Prince

Total maps: Over 2.5 (1.99)

Both these teams have struggled this season in the LCK. Team Dynamics are positioned eighth in the LCK summer standings with an abysmal 4-12 series record. They are currently on an eight-series losing streak. SeolHaeOne Prince has been much worse. They have won just one map out of a total of 17. They are on a 16-match losing streak. Both these teams have a lot of improving to do to take away some pride from an awful summer season. In terms of efficacy, both these teams might cancel each other out in a map each, taking this to a third map.


Team Dynamics have used just five players in this season, which is a good metric. However, no player has managed over three kills. Four have over two kills per game, led by Kuzan’s 2.51 kills. He also has the best defense, averaging just two deaths per map. SeolHaeOne Prince, on the other hand, have used nine players in the LCK so far.


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