LoL (EU Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 11th

Group C action from the European Masters resumes on Friday with six games, including one of the most explosive teams in the tournament, Misfits Premier. We break down some picks to consider for your Picklebet bet slip.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
11th Sep, 20·☕️ 2 min read

Vodafone Giants v 7More 7Pompa Team

Vodafone Giants (1.24)

Vodafone Giants are definitely in the top-two teams in this group. They won two of the first three games in this competition, losing only to the unbeaten Misfits Premier. They have plenty of local League of Legends experience, which bodes well for the second round of group-stage action.

They have depended heavily on Attila and PrettyGRE. Attila has averaged 5.33 kills per game with a kill participation of 11 in this competition so far. He has been well complemented by PrettyGRE, who has a kill participation of 10 (4.33 kills with 5.67 assists per map). These two will be hard to stop for a team that hasn’t enjoyed much success this season so far.

We Love Gaming v Misfits Premier

1st map – 1st tower: Misfits Premier (1.52)

While it’s true that taking down the first turret doesn’t take much, which is why the odds for the favourite to take it down rises so much, it’s also important to note that the first kill often indicates which team will take the first tower. Misfits Premier are far too strong in this contest. They have won all three games so far in this competition. They usually start games quickly, including an early kill and a subsequent early tower. This game has a similar feel to it.

Misfits Premier v Vodafone Giants

Misfits Premier (1.52)

Misfits are arguably the best team in this group. They cruised through the first round, winning all three games, including one against Vodafone Giants. In that first round, Misfits just couldn’t be stopped. Almost every player racked up the kills, led by Jezu’s 7.67 kill average per game. Even Ronaldo chipped in with 5.67 kills per map (17 total kills in three matches). Only one player – Targamas – averaged below three kills per game as an average. This level of offensive output will be hard to stop, even for a solid team in Vodafone Giants.


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