Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 9th

EPIC League lower bracket is moving forward today with 2 exciting matches

rand 1919
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9th Nov, 20·☕️ 3 min read

EPIC League Closed Qualifiers are getting really exciting. We already saw a few surprises in the playoff bracket. Lower bracket is moving forward today with 2 exciting matches. Let’s try to analyze them and predict the winners.

EPIC League: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Live to Win

Ninjas in Pyjamas +1.5 @ 1.64

Oh boy, what a match we have here. First day of the new week, first match of the day. We will watch currently a very bad Ninjas team and the new CIS stack Live to Win who are actually doing decently right now. Upper bracket round 1 was really brutal for NiP. They had to play vs Yellow Submarine, a team that is currently on a nice streak. Sadly for NiP, they were destroyed, even though they are a stronger squad on paper. NiP are in deep problems since lately they can’t catch a break. Nothing is going their way, and I do think that lineup has reached maximum. I have a feeling that if they drop out of this tournament so early in the playoffs, that organization will drop the roster, or at least some players. I’m not sure if this is just some crisis or the bad form will continue.

Live to Win is surely a squad with whom Ninjas can compete fairly. The russians are heavy favourites in this match since they are on a 2 match winning streak. They started their playoff road in round 1 of the lower bracket where they’ve won against Winstrike 2-0. In DOTA Summit, NiP beat mudgolems 2-1 and that shows me that they can really be competitive. I have a feeling that they can take a map here for sure. Odds on Live to Win victory are just too low. Handicap is a good option here.

EPIC League: Gambit vs Tempo Esports

Gambit @ 1.93

I didn’t think this Gambit lineup would work at all. Seems like I was wrong, they are showing the signs of potential. A win vs Unique, a win vs Cyberium and a close 1-2 loss vs Mudgolems. Those are Gambit’s last matches and results. I do think they have one of the best CIS support players eine, who was part of the VirtusPro.Prodigy team before. That’s really a big plus for them. Gambit won group C with 2 wins. Now in the round 2 of the losers bracket, they need to face Tempo.

Tempo is another young squad with mixed nationality players, run by LeBronDota and Thug, well known European players. Comparing the odds, Tempo are the real favourites here. They are on a 4 match winning streak. 4 wins out of the last 5 matches sounds really impressive for a squad like them. In the lower bracket round 1 they beat Empire with a clean 2-0 result. I do think Gambit is a little stronger team than Empire, so Tempo shouldn’t have an easy task here. I wouldn’t believe the odds here, this is at worst a 50-50 match. High pressure match for sure, but I do think Gambit will have the chance to beat Tempo. Odds on Gambit are amazing and I do believe this return is worth going for.


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