Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 30th

We are starting this week with the last 2 rounds of EPIC League Division 2.

rand 1919
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30th Nov, 20·☕️ 3 min read

2 more match days are left to be played in the group stage. After that, the best 6 teams will face each other in the playoffs of the event. Here are my picks and predictions for group stage Monday matches.

EPIC League Division 2: Gambit vs Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine @ 1.27

Nice match for the start of the day. Yellow Submarine have already secured their playoff spot. They are currently ranked 1st in the 2nd division. 7 wins, 0 straight losses and pretty much impeccable performance. From 15 maps played, they’ve lost only 1 map. Only Ninjas in Pyjamas managed to take the map off them. They are on fire in this tournament, and I can freely say that they are currently the best team in Division 2. We will see how they will perform in the playoffs though. Gambit are not far away from Submarines. Well, at least on the rankings. Being currently placed in 3rd place, they have 5 wins and 2 losses. However, their map win-loss ratio is terrible, 10-7. Pretty much, all their matches were very close and they’ve dropped series to Live to Win and Empire. Yellow Submarine are pretty much straight favourites here. Only minus for them could be that they’ve already secured their playoff spot, so their performance in this series might drop off a bit.

EPIC League Division 2: Nemiga vs Spider Pigz

Spider Pigz @ 1.27

Nemiga are one of the weakest teams in this league. Being placed in 9th place in the rankings, they’ve got only 2 wins out of 8 matches that they’ve played. One of their wins was a free win vs 5men, a win that all teams have. That means, they’ve only managed to win vs Empire (2-0). I doubt that they can do anything special vs decent team like Spider Pigz. Pigz are not a top EU team, but they are surely on a much higher level then Nemiga is currently. Spider Pigz are fighting for their playoff spot, so this is a really important match for them. On the other side, Nemiga is already out and they don’t have any chance to qualify for the next stage. Spider Pigz are 4-3 in the league currently, and they are playing decently. They’ve been capable of taking down some teams like Winstrike and Empire, teams that are much stronger than Nemiga. Big favourites here.

EPIC League Division 2: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Live to Win

Live to Win @ 1.59

Live to Win are heavy title contenders here, together with Yellow Submarine. They are the 2nd ranked team currently with 6 wins and 1 loss. That 1 loss was vs Yellow Submarine of course. With 2 matches remaining, they secured top 4 placement and upper bracket playoffs. Ninjas are in 4th place currently with 5 wins and 3 losses. They have 1 match played more than their today opponents. That’s very big for them, because they need a win to stay in the top 4. In a case of a loss, NiP will most probably finish in 5th/6th place which leads to lower bracket playoffs. Those two teams faced each other 20 days ago, where Live to Win celebrated their close, 2-1 victory. Live to Win are favourites in this series too, even though this will be the closest match today. NiP can easily take a map here, and over 2.5 maps is a good bet here too.


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