Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 17th

EPIC League is currently the hottest Dota 2 league in the world and Division 2 is just getting fired up

rand 1919
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17th Nov, 20·☕️ 4 min read

EPIC League is currently the hottest Dota 2 league in the world. Split into two divisions it features a $550,000 prize pool. While Division 1 is packed with tier 1 EU/CIS Dota 2 teams, Division 2 is just getting fired up. Today, we will follow all the Division 2 matches. Let’s make some analysis and predictions for the upcoming matches.

EPIC League Division 2: Live to Win vs Yellow Submarine

Live to Win @ 2.07

The first series of the day. Yellow Submarine is the hottest CIS Dota 2 squad in the European tournaments right now. Even if they are featuring realtively unknown players, they have great synergy and team play and they are doing their work. Currently, they are holding 1st place in the league standings with 2 clean wins. 2-0 vs Nigma and 2-0 vs Cyberium. However, now they need to face the newest CIS squad, Live to Win. Led by one of the greatest CIS captains SoNNeikO, Live to Win are surely great European contenders. They are a squad with great potential. However, they still need to beat Yellow Submarine. They have two losses in the two matches vs Yellow Submarine. However, they are doing very well overall. 4 wins out of 5 matches is bringing them as one of the top 4 favourites for the playoffs for sure. I think there is a great value in Live to Win ML bet here. Hopefully this can be their 3rd charm.

EPIC League Division 2: Team Empire vs Spider Pigz

Spider Pigz @ 1.27

For the start, let’s just say that Spider Pigz are an ex Tempo Esports squad. And they are big favourites in this series vs Empire. Even though Empire is the higher ranked team in this division now, Spider Pigz should be able to take this. Empire has a win over weak Cyberium, while Spider Pigz has close loss vs Nordic team 5men. Team Empire is a team that is capable of beating squads like Nigma, B8 or Cyberium, but Spider Pigz are playing really well lately, and I doubt they could take a series off them. Potentially Empire can take a map, if the draft will be good for them, otherwise I expect Spider Pigz to take their first points in this division.

EPIC League Division 2: Winstrike vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas @ 1.18

This looks like an easy win for NiP. However, Winstrike did take a map off Live to Win in their previous match. They showed that they have the element of surprise. Winstrike is currently holding the middle of the rankings table with 1 win and 1 loss. 1-2 vs Live to Win and 2-1 win vs Nigma are their results. On the other side, the Ninjas are on a 2 match winning streak. 2-0 vs Cyberium and 2-0 vs Nigma brought them to the top of the rankings with 2 wins. In their history, Winstrike never managed to take a map off NiP. However, they might do it this time since NiP is kinda unstable. In yesterday’s match they played without their position 3 player SabeRLighT-. So let’s be careful about this one, since we don’t know their final lineup for today. Safest bet would be NiP ML if you can find decent odds on that.

EPIC League Division 2: 5men vs Gambit

5men @ 1.65

This will be the first match for Gambit in this league. 5men already played one, and they have 1 win, 2-1 vs Spider Pigz. 5men has looked very bad in recent weeks. They looked lost in most of their matches. Their lineup on the paper tells us one story, their gameplay another story. However, their last win vs Pigz showed us a glimpse of hope for this lineup. It will be interesting to see what they can do in this league. Gambit can be dangerous, as their last matches went to all 3 maps. 1-2 vs Tempo (now Spider Pigz) and 1-2 vs strong Mudgolems. But taking everything into account, I do believe 5men are a stronger team overall, and they should be able to take this series. Another good bet here could be Over 2.5 maps.


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