Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - July 2nd

OGA Dota PIT China is entering its 2nd season. The best teams in China are facing each other for a $90.000 prize pool. On the other side of the planet, tier 3 EU / CIS teams are fighting in the Arena of Blood tournament. Let’s analyze the most interesting matches on Thursday.

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2nd Jul, 20·☕️ 3 min read

OGA Dota PIT Season 2 China: PSG.LGD vs EHOME

PSG.LGD @ 1.31

This will be the first match for PSG.LGD in this league, while EHOME already played their opening match on Wednesday vs CDEC (2-1 for EHOME). Both teams are the cream of the Chinese Dota 2 scene. PSG.LGD looked amazing in the ESL One Birmingham 2020 - Online: China tournament one month ago, which they won. I would be brave enough to say that they are the best Chinese team currently. Their last match was a win vs Vici Gaming, while EHOME has 2 wins vs CDEC and IG.Vitality. In the last 1 month, they played twice and both times PSG.LGD won with a 2-0 result. Odds are so low on PSG.LGD win, maybe unjustified, as I do think EHOME will have their chance too. But generally, PSG.LGD are the better team and they should win this.

OGA Dota PIT Season 2 China: RNG vs SAG

RNG @ 1.92

On day 1 of this league, SAG lost to Invictus Gaming with a close 2-1 result. RNG still hasn’t played any matches in their group. What an opening will this be for them. One day ago these two teams faced each other in the DPL-CDA Professional League and RNG celebrated their victory there with a close 2-1 win. However, 3 days ago, RNG lost 0-2 to SAG in Beyond Epic China. That just shows you how Chinese Dota is unpredictable currently. From top teams, it can happen that everybody can beat anybody, no matter what league they play in. However, even though SAG are slight favourites here, most probably because of their recent form, I do like RNG’s lineup and individual quality more. They can do it, as they did it yesterday. It will be a close match however. Odds on RNG win are amazing, worth taking a risk.

Arena of Blood Season 2: Extremum vs Team Empire

Team Empire +1.5 @ 1.97

Extremum has a shot here to take their first tournament title with this new lineup. Their new mix of players is working well and they are playing well. They’ve won their last match vs pretty a solid Nemiga, while Empire struggled to get their win vs Family Team. With G and AfterLife on their roster, Extremum is looking really dangerous. Even though Empire played last week vs top tier EU/CIS teams and they have collected a lot of experience in those matches, I do think this will be a close one.

In their upper bracket final match yesterday, Extremum shocked Team Empire with a 2-0 and sent them to the lower bracket. Empire bounced back with a win over Team Nemigma, and will now face Extremum again in the grand finals of this event. This match is best of 5 now, so we have a lot of potential outcomes here. Another interesting thing is that Extremum starts with a 1-0 lead due to their upper bracket performance. Team Empire will really need to show their A game to be able to threaten Extremum here. However, if Empire shows the recent performance they’ve shown in the Beyond Epic tournament, they can do something here. Strange to see them as underdogs here and the handicap bets are amazing here.


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