Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 5th

For the end of this week we have 3 amazing series in CIS DPC divisions and one top notch series between two favourites in South American upper division.

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5th Feb, 21·☕️ 4 min read

ESL One CIS Lower Division: XactJlepbI vs PuckChamp

XactJlepbI @ 1.54

We are starting our Friday predictions with this CIS lower divisin match. Two decent squads are fighting for the top of the table. PuckChamp are in a much better position compared to XactJlepbI. With 2 wins and 1 loss they are holding 3rd place in the rankings. On the other side, XactJlepbI has only 1 win from 3 matches. Really bad performance from them when we take into account their lineup. On paper, they look really strong. With Magical, KingR and Funn1k gathered under one banner they should and they must do better. PuckChamp did show some amazing matches lately. From their last 5 matches in all competitions, they have only 1 loss. XactJlepbI struggled with Brame in their last series, but I believe they have all that it takes to beat PuckChamp.

ESL One CIS Upper Division: Live to Win vs Empire

Live to Win @ 1.20

This could potentially be one amazing series. I love the Live to Win squad. They still didn’t explode, but they have amazing potential and class. Both squads have 1 win and 1 loss in this tournament. However, I would say that the Empire had a slightly harder schedule. VirtusPro and Spirit were their first opponents. Shockingly, Spirit fell to the Empire while VirtusPro devastated the Empire, as we all expected. Yes, Live to Win struggled in their last series, where Empire did surprise a few teams on their way. They are on a 2 match winning streak and I do believe they will give a hell of a time to Live to Win. But in the end, Live to Win should be a better team and they should take this series. +1.5 handicap on Empire could possibly hit too, if you want to risk more.

ESL One CIS Upper Division: Virtus.Pro vs EXTREMUM

Virtus.Pro -1.5 @ 1.35

Whenever VirtusPro plays it should be named the match of the day. It’s just so enjoyable to watch their Dota 2. They are the strongest team in the upper division, together with Natus Vincere. 3 match winning streak for VirtusPro. Zero maps lost. Compared to EXTREMUM who are on a 2 match losing streak. They were struggling to beat the Empire, and in the end they’ve lost it. However, they’ve taken a map off NaVi which is not an easy thing to do. Odds on VirtusPro winning the match are so low that it’s not worth betting on. However, -1.5 handicap is interesting here. Highly possible that VP can take it 2-0. 4th series in a row without a map lost. They are just so good.

OGA DPC South America Upper Division: beastcoast vs Thunder Predator

Thunder Predator +1.5 @ 1.39

This is a clean 50-50 match at this point in time. Their matches are always back and forth. Thunder Predator takes series 1, beastcoast series 2 and so on. Well, at least that’s how we can describe their last year. Their last series went in Thunder Predator’s way, clean 2-0. However, beastcoast in this tournament looks unstoppable. 3 matches, 3 clean wins, 6-0 in maps. Really impressive. Thunder Predator lost to Infamous in round 1, but they’ve managed to pull back in the next 2 rounds. 2-0 vs SG and 2-1 vs Unknown did bring them back to fight for the 1st place. They are surely capable of taking down beastcoast. Go for handicap or over 2.5 maps here, those are the best options here.


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