Dota 2 (BTS Pro Series) Daily Betting Tips - September 16th

BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe/CIS and Americas are one of the most interesting tournaments last days. The European part of the tournament just began, while in the American region we will watch a few last play days. Here are my picks and predictions for the most interesting Wednesday matches.

rand 1919
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16th Sep, 20·☕️ 3 min read

BTS Pro Series: vs Empire -1.5 @ 1.40 are most probably the most quality team in this tournament. They are currently holding 1st place with 3 wins and 1 draw. They’ve dropped only 1 map in all 4 matches, and that was to HellRaisers. Unlucky, but it happened. Now they need to face Empire, who have 1 loss and 2 draw results. Their loss vs NiP showed that they can’t fight stronger EU teams. In this match I expect the same. should take this 2-0, even though odds for that outcome are really low. Let’s remember, those group stage matches are BO2.

BTS Pro Series: HellRaisers vs Unique

Unique +1.5 @ 1.45

Unique is the squad that Empire was a few months ago. The biggest underdog in the CIS scene. They have potential, they can surprise, they can deliver wins, but they don’t have stability and that final move to be able to fight the top CIS squads. HellRaisers managed to take a map off which was really impressive. A 2-0 win vs B8 was expected, while their draw result vs EU stack mudgolems was unexpected. They’ve lost valuable points there. However, Unique couldn’t fight 5men and They are just not on the same level. Two times, two 0-2 loss, and here we are. However, even if HellRaisers are big favourites here, I do think Unique can surprise us all with a potential 1 map.

BTS Pro Series: NiP vs Unique

NiP -1.5 @ 2.08

I see a great value here in going for a NiP 2-0 score. Even though that didn’t work yesterday vs Khan, I do believe they have the quality to crush tier 2 CIS squads easily if everything works out for them in that match and / or drafts. Until now, NiP played 3 matches, all 3 matches vs CIS squads. 2-0 vs Empire, 2-0 vs B8, but 1-1 vs Khan. They felt short in that last match, but I do believe NiP will surely take a map, and there is a decent possibility for them to take all 2 maps. Hopefully they won’t make a mistake here.

BTS Pro Series: NiP vs mudgolems

NiP -1.5 @ 2.70

You may think that I’m crazy to advise going for NiP 2-0 again. Lower bet here is okay, but otherwise very risky. I don’t think mudgolems are a team for the future. They are just a stack of teamless EU players trying to achieve something in the online tournaments. NiP is a more serious team with better quality players. Even though that may be a risky bet since mudgolems are actually doing well in this tournament, I think there is a great value in betting low on NiP handicap here. Yes, mudgolems beat 5men with 2-0, but I think that they’ve just got lucky and caught 5men on a wrong foot last Sunday.


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