Dota 2 Beyond Epic EU/CIS - Review

One more trophy on the board for Team Secret as the Dota 2 team becomes the BEYOND EPIC winner and wins in a landslide fashion against their opponents in the grand finals, 3-0.

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1st Jul, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Team Secret devastates Team Nigma and takes home $80.000 in prize pool earnings. This win makes Team Secret’s sixth consecutive tournament victory.

Team Secret is Back

The first four teams to get eliminated in the group stage were Team Unique, Team Empire, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and B8. It looks like the changes made to Danil “Dendi” Ishutin’s squad weren’t enough. The remaining eight fought it off in the playoffs. An honorable mention for the event goes to who turned from a Tier 2 team to decent competitors against the best. OG and Alliance went home early as both teams seem to be struggling at the moment.

Team Secret’s first steps into the tournament weren’t the cleanest. Unlike most of their previous tournament performances this year, the team didn’t sweep the competition. In the playoffs, the team took a significant blow against Team Liquid and fell with 0–2 against the European group. After stumbling down to the lower brackets of the playoffs, Team Secret glided through matches with ease. The team devastated their first lower-bracket encounter, Vikin.GG, with a score of 2–0.

Later on, Team Secret did the same thing to FlyToMoon and scored another 2–0. At that time, the team successfully beat two others and now had to face Team Liquid, the group that put them in the lower brackets in the first place. Surprisingly, Team Secret rose above and cemented their spot in the grand finals against Team Nigma with a score of 2–0 against Team Liquid.

Although fans worldwide naturally assume that every tournament’s grand final will be exciting, that was not the case for Dota 2 BEYOND EPIC. Team Secret destroyed Team Nigma. Despite the match being a best-of-five, Team Secret gave no mercy and won with a 3–0 score. Despite some games going pretty long, Team Secret was always one step ahead with most of their games holding a ten-kill lead. No matter how long Team Nigma had to recover, they lost to strategic team fights, quick picks, and rapid pushes. In the end, Team Secret secured the title as the grand champions of the Dota 2 BEYOND EPIC tournament and took home $80.000 in winnings.

secret win


This win makes it the sixth consecutive victory for Team Secret. The team is a grand champion at BLAST Bounty Hunt, ESL One Birmingham 2020, OGA Dota 2 Pit 2020, Gamers Without Borders, and WePlay! Pushka League this year. In total, they won over $300 thousand in prize earnings across each consecutive tournament win. Additionally, each grand final success has been a stomping 3-0 victory. Overall, Team Secret is one of the best Dota 2 teams currently. By performance alone, the group marked itself as this year’s team to be watching. Team Secret will be taking a break this July and will return in August. Tune in to which tournament they will participate in next after this BEYOND EPIC win.

Beyond Epic EU/CIS Final Standings

  • 1st. Team Secret - $80.000
  • 2nd. Team Nigma - $35.000
  • 3rd. Team Liquid - $25.000
  • 4th. FlyToMoon - $15.000
  • 5-6., VirtusPro - $8.000
  • 7-8. Alliance, OG - $7.000
  • 9-10. B8, Ninjas in Pyjamas - $5.000
  • 11-12. Team Unique, Team Empire - $2.500


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