CS:GO (IEM New York) Daily Betting Tips - October 8th

We break down two of today's upper-bracket matches at IEM New York.

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8th Oct, 20·☕️ 2 min read

IEM New York 2020: Vitality vs. Complexity

1st Map - Over 26.5 Rounds (1.81)

A spot in the playoffs will be up for grabs as Complexity are set to face off against Vitality in the upper-bracket finals. Complexity have looked pretty decent with NaToSaphiX but they are still coming in as the underdog in this matchup. Complexity have beaten Vitality in the last two meetings between these two teams, but that was of course back when they still had oBo. This has been a difficult matchup for Vitality and a lot of that is due to the fact that Complexity are very strong on Mirage. In fact, they have never lost to Vitality on Mirage, beating them three times this year. However, Vitality have been competitive on this map, taking Complexity to OT in the last two. I think Complexity are definitely strong enough even with a stand-in to make this competitive, but the odds aren’t quite long enough to take them to win here. However, I do think both teams match up quite evenly and I could see the first map being closely contested.

IEM New York 2020: OG vs. FaZe

OG Map 2 (1.69)

Both FaZe and OG are coming off impressive showings, sweeping Heroic and BIG in their opening matches at IEM New York. FaZe have been a bit of meme with Kjaerbye, but they are on a decent run having beaten Heroic, NiP and Complexity. OG have definitely had theirs ups and downs, but overall this team have done better than I expected. FaZe have had the edge in this series overall, sweeping OG in two series back in April. However, this was back when they still had olofmeister. This is a hard one to call but I think there is slight value on OG to win their map choice. I suspect they will go for Inferno which has been a troublesome map for FaZe ever since olofmeister departed the team. OG, on the other hand, have been super solid on Inferno, winning 9 out of their last 11 games on this map over the past three months.


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