CS:GO (Flashpoint) Daily Betting Tips - November 10th

We take a look at the odds for today's matches in Flashpoint.

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10th Nov, 20·☕️ 2 min read

Flashpoint Season 2: EnVy vs. forZe

EnVy +1.5 (1.64) or EnVy ML (3.10)

EnVy may be one of the weaker teams in the competition, but I am a bit surprised to see the odds hover well above the 3.00 against a team like forZe, implying a win probability of 32.3% for EnVy. This EnVy team has been out of action for a long time, but this may in fact work in their favour as forZe will have very little data to go by when preparing for this match. While I do think that forZe should be the favourite, we are talking about a team that has lost to teams like x6tence and Endpoint in recent time, so there is definitely potential for EnVy to upset. I think the handicap is a pretty solid play and the money line odds are definitely appealing, as well.

Flashpoint Season 2: BIG vs. MIBR

BIG (1.35) or MIBR +1.5 (1.64)

MIBR played great CS at BLAST, beating FURIA and narrowingly losing to Astralis and G2, as well. Personally, I trust in BIG’s ability to take this over the course of three maps, but MIBR have shown enough quality to potentially steal a map against them. If MIBR were up against, say a team like fnatic who are dodgy on maps like Nuke, Dust2 and to an extent, Vertigo, I would like their chances at the upset a whole lot more. BIG, on the other hand, are specialists on these maps, so assuming that they have studied MIBR’s games against G2, Astralis and FURIA, they win this matchup often enough to consider betting on them at 1.35 or longer, in my opinion.


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