CS:GO (ESL Pro League Finals - Astralis vs. NaVi) Daily Betting Tips - October 4th

s1mple's NaVi are set to face off against Astralis in the finals of ESL Pro League Season 12. We break it all down in today's betting tips.

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4th Oct, 20·☕️ 2 min read

ESL Pro League: Astralis vs. NaVi

NaVi (1.53)

Astralis and NaVi have faced off three times so far this year, and NaVi came out on top in all three of these meetings. It is also worth noting that NaVi will have a one-map advantage after making it through the upper-bracket, which further speaks in favour of NaVi. Interestingly, Astralis have really struggled with Nuke against NaVi recently. In the first two matches to start the year, Astralis picked Nuke and ended up losing both times. They later made the adjustment at ESL Pro League Season 11 back in April, picking Inferno instead. This proved to be far more successful, as they absolutely torched NaVi to win 16–5 on Inferno. In fact, they even chose to ban Nuke in the veto process, leaving Overpass and Train as potential decider maps, which just shows that they don’t believe in their Nuke game against NaVi. However, with this being a BO5 series, they are likely going to have to play Nuke regardless and I suspect that the result of this map will play an integral part in the outcome of this series.

Another thing that speaks in favour of NaVi is that they are unbeaten on Inferno this season of ESL Pro League, beating Heroic, G2 and mousesports. The same cannot be said for Astralis, who lost to both fnatic and mousesports on this map throughout the season. With all of this in mind, it is hard not to back NaVi in this spot. However, I do think that Astralis will get off to a good start and make this a competitive series, making the first map exotics worth keeping an eye on when they are eventually posted.


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