CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - September 29th

The ESL Pro League playoffs are about to commence! We break down all three of today's quarter-final matches in our daily betting tips.

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29th Sep, 20·☕️ 3 min read

ESL Pro League: Spirit vs. BIG

Spirit +1.5 (1.47)

Spirit and BIG last faced off in the qualifier for this very event. The Germans absolutely annihilated Spirit in that match, winning Dust2 16–7 and Nuke 16–1. Other matchups between these two teams have been even, with Spirit winning in their MDL matchup back in February and a three-game series in the Champions Cup Finals at the tail end of 2019. While we saw Spirit get battered in their most recent outing against BIG, it would surprise me if they weren’t able to make things closer this time around. We will likely see a combination of Nuke, Inferno or Dust2 in this match, and it is a set of maps that sets up well for both teams. As such, you can make a strong case for Spirit as the underdog in this matchup.

ESL Pro League: Natus Vincere vs. mousesports

Natus Vincere (1.39)

Natus Vincere finished the regular season in excellent form, winning five straight games to top the Group A standings. They will now face off against a rejuvenated mousesports side that has swapped out woxic for the Lithuanian up-and-comer, Bymas. While I do like the pickup in the sense that it is something new and fresh, I am still questioning the make-up of this roster in terms of roles. karrigan has been the one to AWP for the team in the vast majority of rounds so far for mousesports, and while he has done a decent job at it, he is facing an absolute monster in the AWP matchup with s1mple in this one. I could see mousesports possibly taking this to three maps since these two teams have a lot of history against each other, but I favour s1mple and his crew to get things done here over the course of three maps. 

ESL Pro League: Complexity vs. ENCE

Complexity Map 2 (2.15)

Complexity got royally screwed over by oBo’s sudden exit from the team, and now find themselves having to play with a stand-in moving forward. NaToSaphiX has been brought in on short notice and will be replacing oBo for this particular event. The Dane has had success coming in as a stand-in before, replacing woxic on mousesports when they won cs_summit 5. However, it is worth noting that he was allowed to play his primary AWP role on mousesports in that tournament, something which seems unlikely on Complexity with poizon on the team. NaToSaphiX’s rifling skills aren’t at the level of oBo, but he will likely do a better job with communication – an area in which oBo was lacking according to the likes of k0nfig. With oBo leaving the team, the odds have swayed firmly in favour of ENCE in this matchup. However, I do think it is somewhat of an overreaction. Complexity always comes well prepared and the core four is strong enough individually to put up a decent fight against ENCE.


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