CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - September 18th

We break down three ESL Pro League games in today's betting tips, including a classic matchup between fnatic and Astralis.

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18th Sep, 20·☕️ 3 min read

ESL Pro League: FaZe vs. NiP

FaZe (1.38)

FaZe are still winless in the league, but they will have a solid chance to get a win on the board here against NiP. The Swedes are without nawwk, who has been placed on medical leave for the remainder of the season. As a result, NiP will be forced to play this game with their coach, threat, instead. While threat does have experience as a player himself back in CS 1.6, this is obviously a big downgrade. It is worth noting that FaZe are already out of playoff contention. However, they have beaten NiP in all three of their previous meetings this year, so it is hard to see them lose a BO3 against NiP with a coach. NiP might have a chance to make it close, making some of the handicap lines an option at longer odds, too.

ESL Pro League: fnatic vs. Astralis

Astralis Map 1 (1.43)

Astralis are on a bit of a run, winning four straight games in ESL Pro League. fnatic on the other hand, are coming off two straight losses, and they will desperately need this win if they want to advance to the playoff stage. I definitely wouldn’t count fnatic out of this series, but Astralis will have a great edge on their map choice assuming that they pick Nuke, and that is where I would place my money in this series. It is worth noting that Astralis will likely pick first here as they are lower down the board on ESL’s rankings.

ESL Pro League: Liquid vs. Cloud9

Over 26.5 Rounds (1.92)

Cloud9 are coming off a rough loss to Triumph and they have been booted by their organization, making them big underdogs in this matchup with Liquid. However, they will likely see this as an opportunity to showcase themselves for other organizations and they have been competitive with Liquid in the past. Cloud9 have picked Overpass in their last three series against Liquid, and two of those games went to OT. As such, it wouldn’t really surprise me if Cloud9 were to make Liquid sweat a little bit in this game. However, Liquid should have the quality to take this series over the course of three maps.


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