CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - October 3rd

We break down the lower-bracket semi-final between Astralis and mousesports in today's betting tips.

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3rd Oct, 20·☕️ 2 min read

ESL Pro League: Astralis vs. mousesports

Astralis ML (1.38)

Astralis made short work of Complexity in the lower-bracket semi-final, while mousesports managed to pull off the upset in their match with BIG. Astralis and mousesports faced off in the group stage, and in that match, it was Astralis that would reign supreme after three maps. mousesports picked and won Dust2 rather convincingly and they were only rounds away from beating Astralis on Nuke. But ultimately, Astralis managed to seal the deal with a 16–9 win on Inferno. I am still not a big believer in this mousesports side, but they have looked solid enough on Nuke and Inferno with their new lineup to at least consider the upset. If Astralis picks Nuke again, mousesports will be a live underdog in this series, making the map handicap a viable play. However, Astralis are big favourites to get things done over the course of three maps, especially if they adjust and pick a map like Inferno instead.


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