CS:GO (ESL Cologne) Daily Betting Tips - August 25th

The boys are set to face off against FURIA in a match to decide who moves on to face Evil Geniuses in the playoffs of ESL One Cologne! We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

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25th Aug, 20·☕️ 3 min read

ESL One Cologne 2020: NiP vs. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere (1.68)

NiP will take on Natus Vincere in this elimination-match, a team that they have struggled with immensely since this team was put together. In fact, they have never even taken a map against NaVi with this core of players. In their last two meetings, NaVi have chosen to take advantage of NiP’s weakness on Nuke, while NiP have gone for Mirage or Overpass. The fact that NiP aren’t a strong Nuke team makes this a difficult matchup for the Ninjas, especially when you add in the fact that NaVi perma-ban Vertigo. While NiP have taken down some big names in the past, it is very hard to justify a bet on NiP at the current odds.

ESL One Cologne 2020: fnatic vs. Heroic

Heroic Map 1 (1.71)

These two teams have faced off twice this year, with Heroic coming out on top on both occasions. Outside of the decider maps, the map veto has played out in identical fashion in both of these games, with Nuke (Heroic) and Train (fnatic) being the map picks. It is not every day that you see fnatic as an underdog against a Danish team not named Astralis, but their weakness on Nuke has made them the underdog in this spot. fnatic have gotten awfully close to beating Heroic on Train in the prior meetings, and if they can get over this hurdle, they will have a good shot at the win with both Inferno and Mirage being likely decider maps. However, Heroic’s advantage on Nuke is hard to ignore, and that is where I would place my money. 

ESL One Cologne 2020: 100T vs. FURIA

100T +1.5 (1.43)

These two teams have faced off twice so far this year and both of these series have gone the distance, with FURIA taking the two series by a 2–1 scoreline. Interestingly, the map veto played out in favor of 100 Thieves the last time around, with Inferno and Vertigo setting up well for a potential upset. They might be tempted to ban Mirage again hoping to get the same outcome, but it would give FURIA the option to pick Nuke against them which has been a rough match for 100 Thieves recently. If we do get the same set of maps as last time, I really like 100T as the underdog in this spot, but a simple Nuke pick from FURIA would hurt their chances substantially, so it may be worth watching the broadcast to see if the maps are announced beforehand.

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