CS:GO (ESL Cologne) Daily Betting Tips - August 23rd

s1mple's NaVi are set to face off against Complexity in a match to decide who moves on to the playoffs. We break down that match and more in today's betting tips!

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22nd Aug, 20·☕️ 3 min read

ESL One Cologne 2020: Natus Vincere vs. Complexity

Natus Vincere (1.68)

s1mple’s NaVi are set to face off against Complexity in this upper-bracket matchup. These two teams have faced off three times, with NaVi having the better H2H record with 2 wins and 1 loss. It is worth noting that the last two meetings have been close affairs, with both of them going to a decider. NaVi have opted for Dust2 in the last two matches, while Complexity have gone for a different map on all three occasions. The map vetoes between these two teams have been pretty wild and hard to predict. It did surprise me somewhat that NaVi picked Dust2 instead of Train in their last match, since this is a map where Complexity are very capable. It ended up backfiring, with Complexity stealing it away and ultimately taking the series on the decider. This may tempt NaVi to pick Train this time around, where they should have a bigger edge - and if they do, I would back them to take this series. If they don’t, Complexity will have some serious upset potential.

ESL One Cologne 2020: G2 vs. Heroic

G2 (1.66)

The last time these two sides met was in DreamHack Masters Spring, where G2 defeated Heroic in a three map series. Nuke, Vertigo and Mirage were the maps in that game. Interestingly, G2 opted for Vertigo instead of Dust2, where they would have a more clear advantage against a Heroic side that has always looked very shaky on the map. It did pan out well for G2, but Heroic were able to make it close on Vertigo, getting to 13 rounds before the Frenchmen could close it out. Another interesting thing to point out is that Heroic decided to ban Inferno, so they clearly weren’t keen on playing G2 on this map despite it not being the strongest in G2’s map pool. If G2 aren’t result-oriented, it would be beneficial for them to pick Dust2 where they will have a bigger advantage against the Danes. While Heroic are definitely a live dog in this matchup, G2 have the edge as long as they approach the map veto correctly, since they are more than capable on Nuke, which is the most probable map picks for the Danes.

ESL One Cologne 2020: Cloud9 vs. Triumph

Cloud9 (1.33)

Cloud9 are set to face off Triumph in this elimination match. Triumph are still trying to cope with life without Grim, who left for Liquid earlier in the month. Cloud9 are currently on a three-game losing streak, but the fact that they were able to take a map against Liquid was a promising sign. While both penny and moose have impressed for Triumph, it is hard to see Triumph win this game with two new players.


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