CS:GO (DreamHack Open) Daily Betting Tips - October 20th

We break down two of today's matches in DreamHack Open, including why there could be some value on Sprout.

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20th Oct, 20·☕️ 2 min read

DreamHack Open: Sprout vs. GODSENT

Sprout +1.5 (1.30)

This is one of the more interesting matches of the day, featuring two teams that are evenly matched right now. This will be the first time that these two teams clash, so there is no previous match history to look at. A lot is likely going to come down to the map veto in this one. Sprout probably have a bit of an edge in the veto due to their strong form on Nuke (11 straight wins) and they will have a pretty significant advantage on their map choice since they will get to play either Dust2 or Mirage, both of which are poor maps for GODSENT. Personally, I regard GODSENT as the team with the higher upside of the two, but it is hard to ignore Sprout in this spot.

DreamHack Open: Heroic vs. North

Heroic (1.30)

Heroic takes on North in this Danish derby to decide who moves on in the lower-bracket. Heroic have beaten North in their last five meetings, two of which were sweeps. It needs to be said that a lot has happened since then, with Lekr0 coming in to join North, and Heroic bolstering their roster further with the addition of players like TeSeS and niko. North went for the Dust2 pick the last time, and while it did not work out for them, it was an interesting option since this is a clear weak point for Heroic. If they have the balls to for Dust2 here, I actually think that there is some upset potential for North. But without the map veto in front of me, I favour Heroic to get things done over three.


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