CS:GO (DreamHack / IEM) Daily Betting Tips - October 21st

We break down two games in DreamHack Open and IEM New York CIS.

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21st Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read

IEM CIS: Gambit vs. Nemiga

Gambit (1.49)

Gambit are heading into this match in fine form after winning their last three games. They have looked really strong recently, especially after adding Hobbit to the team. Both of these teams are already through to the playoffs with 9 points, so this game is pretty much just for seeding. This makes Nemiga a bit interesting in this spot as the underdog, but Gambit should have what it takes to get things done over three. Inferno hasn’t always been a good map for this Gambit roster, but since they added Hobbit they have been close to flawless on this map, only losing to forZe who are a very strong Inferno team. This leaves Nemiga with the option of picking something like Mirage, but this has always been a great map for this Gambit team.

DreamHack Open: NiP vs. FaZe

NiP Map 1 (2.04)

FaZe have historically been a tough opponent for NiP and a lot of it comes down to the fact that FaZe are a strong team on maps like Dust2, Mirage and Nuke. Since hampus joined the team, NiP have improved their game on Mirage significantly, but they will likely still be forced to play Nuke. This is just an atrocious map for NiP overall, posting a 16.7% win rate on Nuke over 12 games. However, this particular FaZe roster has not looked that much better. In fact, NiP were actually able to take them to OT with THREAT standing in for nawwk, who is the team’s top-rated performer on Nuke by a significant margin at 1.10. NiP will likely opt for either Train or Overpass, both of which are strong maps for them. FaZe have yet to win a game on Overpass with Kjaerbye and they even lost to MIBR on Train which says a lot.

I think NiP are definitely a live underdog in this matchup. Taking FaZe to win their map choice isn’t a bad play just because of how bad NiP are on Nuke, but there are better Nuke teams out there than FaZe at the moment so I would personally lean towards taking the underdog in this spot.


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