CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - June 29th

We break down three of today's matches in cs_summit 6, including a classic Swedish matchup between fnatic and NiP.

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28th Jun, 20·☕️ 3 min read

cs_summit 6: NiP vs. fnatic

Over 2.5 Maps (1.88) or NiP +1.5 (1.28)

NiP are set to face off against Swedish rivals fnatic for a spot in the upper-bracket semi-finals. Both teams will likely stick to their perma-bans in the veto, so Dust2 and Vertigo will likely be out of the picture. With Vertigo out, NiP will likely opt for Overpass which has been one of their strongest maps since this younger iteration of NiP was formed. This has also been NiP’s map choice in their last two meetings with fnatic. In fact, the veto has played out the same exact way in both prior meetings in 2020, with NiP picking Overpass and fnatic picking Mirage. Since then, NiP have started playing Mirage a lot more frequently, which may give fnatic second thoughts about picking it this time around. They certainly have options, with Train being a particularly strong map for them. However, NiP have had respectable showings on this map as well, posting five wins and one loss since hampus joined the team. Regardless, this matchup sets up quite well for both teams, and this is as close to a pick’em type matchup that you could get. The over is the most obvious option, but the maps set up in a way that I could see either team sweeping this series as well, making NiP a decent play on the handicap despite the juice.

cs_summit 6: Vitality vs. Heroic

Vitality Map 2 (1.50)

The last time these two sides met was at DreamHack Masters, where Vitality came out on top by a 2–1 scoreline. The French side opted for Dust2 that time around, and Heroic were unable to break double digits as Vitality took the win by a score of 16–9. Since then, Heroic have shown no signs of life on Dust2, dropping games to Spirit, and NiP, and the latter isn’t even a strong Dust2 team. For that reason, I see Vitality going back to this map once more against Heroic, and they will have a massive edge. Vitality should pick last in this spot as the higher seed, but keep in mind that there is always a risk that the favorite opts to pick first, although it is rare for that to happen. 

cs_summit 6: BIG vs. GODSENT

GODSENT +3.5 Map 1 (1.84)

GODSENT are coming off impressive wins against both G2 and mousesports. In fact, they did not drop a map across both of these series. They are now set to face off against one of the hottest teams in the game in the form of BIG, who are coming off a clean sweep of their own against FaZe. It will be interesting to see how GODSENT will approach this veto, as they will have a decent chance on Overpass if they were to go there. GODSENT have a 100% win rate on this map since they picked up Farlig, winning games against, forZe and North, and this is a map that doesn’t quite play to the strengths of BIG. For that reason, I quite like GODSENT’s chances on their map choice in this spot despite BIG’s crazy form.


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