BTS Pro Series: SEA Season 2 - Review

Geek Fam dominates BOOM Esports to win the BTS Pro Series 2: Southeast Asia.

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24th Jun, 20·☕️ 3 min read

One of the most beloved teams in the SEA region, Geek Fam has claimed their first premier championship - BTS Pro Series 2: Southeast Asia. They defeated Indonesian hopefuls BOOM Esports in a one-sided 3-0 stomp in the Grand Finals to claim the championship and $21,000 in prize winnings. This is BOOM Esports second runner-up finish in a SEA tournament in recent times. Earlier this month, BOOM Esports finished in 2nd place at the ESL One Birmingham 2020 - Online: Southeast Asia.

Grand Finals

Completely unexpectedly, taking fans by surprise everywhere, Geek Fam managed to win the BTS Pro Series: SEA Season 2. If you’ve been following the SEA Dota 2 scene recently, you know that Geek Fam hasn’t been in the best form. In fact, Carlo “Kuku” Palad and his teammates finished second in the previous season of this event. Back then, they battled through the lower bracket but had the uneasy task of facing both Fnatic and TNC. Needless to say, this didn’t end well.

Game 1

The first game saw both teams trade evenly in the early-mid game phases. However, Geek Fam with their superior late game in the form of Raven’s Spectre pulled ahead in the late game phase to secure a relatively straightforward victory.

Game 2

Raven put on yet another spectacular show, this time on his Morphling, to lead Geek Fam to an easy 31-minute victory. BOOM Esports looked a shell of their normal selves looking lost at times, failing to halt their opponents’ momentums.

Game 3

The final game was yet another one-sided victory, with Raven putting on a stellar show once again. BOOM Esports had no answers for his overfarmed Troll Warlord who decimated any hero challenging him. On the back of their carry, Geek Fam casually strolled to victory in just 37 minutes.

This is Geek Fam’s first premier tournament win since 2018 (when they won Malaysia Esports League).

bts champs

Geek Fam’s Road to Victory

Geek Fam barely managed to sneak into the Upper Brackets of the playoffs by virtue of their group stage performance where they won 4, tied 4 and lost 1 series. However, once Geek Fam got into the playoffs, they transformed into a completely different team which conquered everything in front of them. In their first match of the playoffs, they beat Fnatic 2-0, ending one of the longest win streaks in SEA Dota 2. Following that, they managed to defeat BOOM Esports in the winner bracket finals and then followed it up with yet another victory in the Grand Finals against the same team.

This is Geek Fam’s first win in a top tier online tournament since the string of LAN event cancellations began, and they will definitely take this result as a big step in the right direction when it comes to their consistency going forward. Should they keep this level of play up, we may see them challenge Fnatic and BOOM Esports more frequently in the next few competitions.

BTS Pro Series: SEA Season 2 final standings:

  • 1st place: Geek Fam - $21.000
  • 2nd place: BOOM Esports - $11.000
  • 3rd place: Fnatic - $6.500
  • 4th place: Neon Esports - $4.500
  • 5th-6th place: Reality Rift, TNC Predator - $2.250
  • 7th-8th place: Team Adroit, T1 - $1.250
  • 9th-10th place: Execration, Cignal Ultra


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