CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - July 2nd

fnatic lost to BIG despite the best efforts of Brollan, and they are now set to face off against a Heroic side that they have struggled against historically. We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
2nd Jul, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

cs_summit 6: OG vs. GODSENT

GODSENT (1.78)

The last time these two sides met was in the qualifiers for European Minor back in March, where GODSENT got the better of OG by a 2–1 scoreline. OG have had a few decent results recently, taking down both BIG and North, but the same can be said for GODSENT who swept NiP, G2 and mousesports. GODSENT have the edge in the map veto here in my opinion, since their perma-ban is Mirage, one of GODSENT’s strongest maps. OG will likely pick either Train or Inferno in this spot. The last time they met, they picked Train but were absolutely annihilated by GODSENT 16–3. OG may be tempted to play Inferno here instead since GODSENT have lost a staggering 11 out of their last 12 games on Inferno. However, this was one of Farlig’s signature maps back on Copenhagen Flames and I would expect his play to give GODSENT a big boost moving forward. If OG picks Inferno, they will have a good shot at taking this to a decider, but I would still favor GODSENT on the third map since they are a very strong team on both Nuke and Vertigo.

cs_summit 6: Heroic vs. fnatic

Heroic +1.5 (1.33)

Heroic and fnatic have faced off twice, with Heroic coming out on top both times. The last they played was in the qualifier for this event, where Heroic took down fnatic by a 2–0 scoreline. There is a reason why this matchup has been tough for fnatic. Heroic are very strong on both Vertigo and Nuke, two of fnatic’s weakest maps. This means that regardless of which map fnatic bans, Heroic will have an edge on their map choice. The fact that Heroic tends to ban Overpass helps them a ton here as well, since this is fnatic’s best map in terms of overall win rate. 

cs_summit 6: FURIA vs. Cloud9

Cloud9 1st Map +3.5 (1.68) or FURIA ML (1.33)

FURIA have lost three out of their last five games, losing out to Evil Geniuses twice and most recently Team Liquid. The fact that they lost to Liquid is worrying, but Evil Geniuses have been a tough opponent for them to deal with historically. While I favor FURIA to take this series, Cloud9 will be in a good spot to make them sweat a little bit. They will likely opt for Train, which has been FURIA’s worst map overall with a 38.5% win rate. Even in losses, Cloud9 are usually able to put up a fight, which makes the handicap line a bit more appealing at the longer number. 


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