4 + Leg Multi Bonus Back

If One leg in your 4+ leg multi fails, you get a bonus back!

Damon Oudejans
Picklebet Co-Founder
7th Jul, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

4+ Leg Multi Bonus Back

Lose by one Leg in your Multi? Hard luck, have a bet on us.

Place a 4+ Leg Multi and if it loses by 1 Leg, get up to $50 back in Bonus Cash.


  • The maximum Bonus Back for this Promotion is $50 Bonus Cash, unless otherwise stated.
  • The Bonus Back is calculated as the lower of the User’s Stake or $50.
  • The Stake must be placed from the User’s Available Balance.
  • The Promotion only applies to the User’s first eligible 4+ leg Multi bet. Any subsequent 4+ leg Multi bets placed on any given day will be ineligible (regardless of when the bet is Resulted).
  • The Promotion can only be claimed once per day (AEST).
  • Bonus Back will be in the form of Bonus Cash, unless otherwise stated.
  • Bonus Cash will be added as a separate cash adjustment to your account within 24 hours.
  • A minimum of four (4) legs must be Settled. Voided bets do not contribute towards this minimum requirement.
  • Your 4+ leg Multi bet must fail by one leg to qualify for the Promotion.
  • Picklebet may, at any time, make minor alterations to the terms of any Promotion to correct typographical errors or to improve on clarity or customer experience and may cancel any offer or promotion for legal or regulatory reasons.

Refer to Clause 8 of the Promotional Terms and Conditions for more detail.


  • Single
  • Multi
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