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Daily fantasy Esports is an online contest where members compete against each other by building a team roster of professional players from teams competing in major esports tournaments.

As the matches unfold in real time, selected players will accrue points based on their actions. The members with the rosters that have the highest scoring total points win a share in the cash prizes.

Your job as a daily fantasy esports player is to select players for your roster, who you think will score the highest points. This will give you the best chance of winning.

There are some general rules though. You can only pick a maximum of 3 players from any given team and you cannot spend over the 100,000 salary cap limit. Each player has a purchase value ascribed to them. The better the player, the higher the cost. The total cost of your team roster must be under the 100,000 salary cap.

Picklebet runs free to enter and pay to play daily fantasy esports contest on various esports everyday. When you play, be sure to check the specific rules and scoring for each of the esports as they vary slightly.

Each day presents a new opportunity to engage, compete and win!


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