NiP, Anonymo to replay Mirage at Flashpoint 3 following packet loss drama
NiP, Anonymo to replay Mirage at Flashpoint 3 following packet loss drama

NiP and Anonymo will face off again as Flashpoint 3 announces a replay of their match on Mirage because of connection issues

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18th May, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Flashpoint have issued a statement declaring that the last map of the series between NiP and Anonymo will have to be replayed following a request by the NiP management team.

The decision was made after an investigation identified that a security misconfiguration had caused ‘severe and persistent packet loss for all the players’. 

Anonymo were given the option of replaying the entire best-of-three series or only the last map (Mirage). The Polish team chose the latter, which sets up a best-of-one for a chance to play FunPlus Phoenix.

The rematch, which is sure to garner plenty of attention following the drama, will take place on Wednesday, 05:00 AEST. It is also worth noting that the lower-bracket match featuring the loser of this game and HYENAS has been post-poned to Thursday, 05:00 AEST.

What has happened?

On May 14th, NiP faced off against Anonymo at Flashpoint 3. This was device’s debut match with NiP after making the move over from Astralis in one of the most surprising transfers in the history of the game. The match ended 2-1 in favour of Anonymo after victory in overtime on Mirage (19-17).

However, it appeared as if the NiP players had experienced severe packetloss throughout the match. Eventually, it was discovered that this had been caused by a security misconfiguration on the server.

Plenty of drama took place on Twitter following the game, with players, management, pundits and fans all chiming in with their opinions. Needless to say, the rematch will be highly anticipated.

You won’t want to miss it!