LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 1st
LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 1st

The European Masters resumes on Wednesday with another packed schedule of games. Here is a look at two to consider for your betting slip on Picklebet.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
31st Aug, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Mousesports vs Vodafone Giants

Vodafone Giants (2.18)

Early-season form makes a massive difference in a quick competition like the European Masters. The Vodafone Giants started with a win while Mousesports were beaten in their opening encounter. Mousesports just did not have enough in their matchup against Karmine Corp, which will also have an impact going forward in this game. The additional payout for Vodafone Giants is additionally compelling with a matchup as even as this one.


Attila started the season with aplomb. He has now registered 11 kills, 11 assists and just one death to increase his KDA to 22. While that will undeniably come down as this season progresses, there is enough there to suggest that he will be a pivotal player in this game. Kasing and Miniduke both had well over 10 assists in the opening fixture as well, which will make a difference to the confidence of the team. These three will be the players to stop for Mousesports.

Ago Rogue vs Ucam Esports Club

Ago Rogue (1.71)

Ago Rogue were beaten in their season opener by Misfits Premier. Ucam Esports Club began their European Masters main event with a win. While both teams have started very differently, you can safely assume that skill and quality inside Summoner’s Rift will be the deciding factor in this game. Ago Rogue have a slightly superior roster, at least from an offensive standpoint. If they can rack up the kills in team fights, you might just see Ucam Esports Club not given a chance for the rest of the map. Ago Rogue have been ever so consistent in the last few years, which will make a difference going forward as well.


While Ago Rogue were on the losing side, Lucker was in splendid form in the European Masters. He registered 4 kills, 1 death and 3 assists to take his KDA to a team-leading 7. Chres was also killed once in the opener. Lurox and Pyrka were killed four times each which hurt the team badly in the tournament opener.