LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 14th
LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 14th

The European Masters moves into the semifinal stage, with a game between Karmine Corp and BIG to kick off action from the final four. Here is a look at the first semi along with betting suggestions to consider on Picklebet.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
14th Sep, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Karmine Corp vs BIG

Karmine Corp (1.31)

Karmine Corp have been in sensational form at the European Masters so far. They finished at the top of their group with a 5-1 record. In the first playoffs match, in a quarterfinal against a solid UCAM Esports Club team, they were ruthless in beating them 3-0, without any hassle. That level of confidence and momentum will be hard to stop for a team, even like BIG, who have competed and challenged right through this tournament. These odds are not too bad either considering how strong Karmine Corp seem in the lanes.


Karmine Corp have relied on the kill production from two of their stars: Saken and Cabochard. Saken has led the production with 5.11 kills per game along with 6.89 assists. More than that kill participation rate of 12, he has kept his death rate to just 1.33, which improves his KDA considerably, up to 9. Cabochard has also maintained his efficiency, with 5 kills, 6.11 assists and a KDA of 5. XMatty has chipped in as well, producing 4.44 kills, 6.22 assists and just two deaths at a KDA of 5.33. He even has a team-leading creep score of 270.56. These three will be hard to stop for BIG.

Total maps: Over 3.5 (1.44)

Even though BIG are not expected to trouble Karmine Corp much, they still have enough depth and offensive firepower to win team fights. Managing to stay patient and win those fights in the lanes, especially prior to the spawning of the neutral objectives, will be the key to success for BIG. They started the tournament with a loss but came storming back with five consecutive wins to finish at the top of group C. In the quarterfinal, they did not have much trouble in putting away PDW without dropping a map.

On paper, the difference between these two teams seems to be skill and experience because they are both in sprightly form at the European Masters. That should be enough to help take the total over 3.5 maps.