Dota 2 The International Qualifiers #2 - Report
Dota 2 The International Qualifiers #2 - Report

The SEA and North American Dota 2 The International qualifiers have just ended, and we have two more teams that joined the TI10 teams roster

rand 1919
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4th Jul, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Only the Western Europe and Chinese qualifiers are left before TI10. Here is a short review of SEA and NA qualifiers.

Southeast Asia Qualifier

SEA region was one of the most competitive regions so far, regarding TI10 qualifiers. With 5 teams being favourited and having the capability to win the qualifiers, two other teams were slightly behind them, crawling and looking for their chance. TNC Predators were initially the biggest favourites, and they proved that they deserved that title, but Fnatic with the slightly adjusted lineup shocked everyone, and went all through the end.

TNC came to these qualifiers as the highest ranked DPC team from the SEA region with 572 points. Right behind them were Neon, Fnatic and Execration that had some amazing games in the AniMajor.

BOOM and Execration showed that they are just behind TNC and Fnatic, but the biggest surprises in these qualifiers were Galaxy Racer and SMG, a new squad led by MidOne.

In the end, Fnatic barely took down TNC with a 3-2 series in the grand finals and booked their TI10 spot.

fnatic win ti

North America Qualifier

Another shocker in the North American region, let’s say it like that. 4 Zoomers were the biggest name coming into these qualifiers, but they failed. New team on the block is Undying with some famous and experienced players in the NA region like Dubu and Moonmeander. EternalEnvy’s squad came pretty close as they took 3rd place, but they couldn’t do anything better vs much experienced players and squads.

Black N Yellow was another surprise of the qualifiers. With 3 American, 1 Mexican and 1 Canadian player, this squad is doing better and better in the recent months, so they did in these qualifiers too.

In the end, Undying was too strong for everyone as they crushed 4 Zoomers with a clean 3-0 in the grand finals to book their The International 10 spot. Their run was impeccable, without a single map lost.