Dota 2 EPIC League Season 3 - Preview
Dota 2 EPIC League Season 3 - Preview

Russian tournament organizers EPIC Esports Events are hitting the Dota 2 scene once again.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
3rd Mar, 21·☕️ 3 min read

As the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit’s first season of regional leagues ended and we enter a dead period before the ONE Esports Singapore Major, EPIC League Season 3 will be one of several events to fill the void.

Season 3 Info

EPIC League Season 3 will run From March 2nd to March 13th. In more then 10 days action packed with Dota 2, we will watch tier 1 and tier 2 EU/CIS squads to battle it out for the $100,000 prize pool. Event will feature teams that didn’t qualify for the Dota 2 Major throughout the DPC system and teams will fight in the group stage and two divisionional playoffs.

16 teams have entered the tournament, 14 with the direct invite and 2 teams from the qualifiers. Those 16 teams are representing the best of the European / CIS tier 2 and tier 3 teams and organizations. All teams are placed in the group stages where they will fight for the placement and position in the Division 1 or Division 2 of the event. Top 8 teams from the group stage will go to the Division 1 and will fight for the $85,000 prize pool, while bottom 8 teams from the group stages will go to the Division 2 with a $15,000 prize pool.

While the best EU and CIS Dota 2 teams are preparing themselves for the Dota 2 Major, those next teams are preparing for the EPIC League Season 3. Here are the fifteen teams that will compete for the $100,000 prize pool:

  • HellRaisers
  • NoTechies
  • Winstrike
  • VP.Prodigy
  • Hellbear Smashers
  • Team Unique
  • High Coast Esports
  • Team Empire
  • PuckChamp
  • Brame
  • Tundra Esports
  • Team Spirit
  • Prosti Esli (came out of open qualifiers)
  • RUSSIANDRILL (came out of last chance qualifiers)

PickleBet Predictions

First, let me mention teams that can go to Division 1. Those teams are surely: HellRaisers, Winstrike, Hellbear Smashers,, Team Spirit, Tundra, High Coast Esports and PuckChamp. Those are the 8 strongest teams in this tournament and I expect to see one of them winning Division 1. In my opinion Tundra and are the highest rated teams and have the highest chances of doing it. Tundra is an up and coming squad led by Skiter and Fata that did fairly decently in the DPC EU Upper Division, while doesn’t need any introduction. They were one of the best European teams at the end of the last season. Their form is not yet on that level, but surely they are standing out here on this list. Hellbear Smashers and PuckChamp could potentially be real underdogs here. HellBear Smashers won DreamLeague EU Lower Division just few days ago, and PuckChamp won ESL One CIS Lower division. Both teams together had only 2 loses out of 14 matches which is outstanding. Watch out for those teams.