Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - September 27th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - September 27th

The International 10 is 11 days away. Until then we are following Dota 2 Champions League Season 3. Here are my picks and predictions for Monday. We are heading to the new week with 3 matches.

rand 1919
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27th Sep, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Champions League 2021: B8 vs Galactic Aliens

Galactic Aliens +1.5 @ 1.53

B8 is the team with the least matches played in the group stage so far. Only 2 matches, 1 win and 1 loss. 2-0 vs qwerty but 1-2 vs Brame. I would be careful here as we still don’t have too much information about Dendi’s squad. How they can handle the pressure, how they can handle new teams or old stronger squads. With 2 wins and 3 losses, Galactic Aliens are holding the middle of the rankings. They are actually looking decent, and as a new squad they tend to surprise teams like Nemiga and Winstrike. Yes, B8 are the favourites here, but they can drop a map for sure.

Champions League 2021: B8 vs Creepwave

Creepwave @ 1.35

This will be B8’s second match of the day and that might be crucial for them. Playing 2 matches in a row is always beneficial for opponents. They have a hard opponent here, much harder than Galactic Aliens. Creepwave are dominating the group stage and with 5 straight wins, they are holding 1st place in the rankings for now. They’ve dropped only 1 map so far in the competition, and I do believe they will be too strong for Dendi’s B8. Odds on Creepwave ML are not that great, but combining it with a higher bet (5 units), might be a safe beneficial bet in the end.

Champions League 2021: Nemiga vs Brame

Brame @ 1.67

Odds on Brame are amazing. In this competition, the difference between those two teams are massive. Brame are holding a 4-1 ratio, while Nemiga still don’t know for a victory. Nemiga won only 3 out of 13 maps in this competition so far, and this is pretty terrible. Brame is a decent team with a good roster, with some outstanding players. If they already fall under pressure, Nemiga doesn’t have a chance here. They will need to give a hard fight to even be able to take a map off Brame, but I think that’s their maximum for now. Brame ML is a good bet here, and odds are crazy. Use them.