Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - September 21st
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - September 21st

Day 2 of D2CL 2021 Season 3 is here. We have another 3 exciting matches to watch. Here are my picks and predictions for Tuesday matches.

rand 1919
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21st Sep, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Champions League 2021: PuckChamp vs V Gaming

V Gaming @ 1.39

I would say that we have pretty good odds for V Gaming here. If we take into consideration that they are title contenders and last season winners, they are surely one of the biggest favourites here. PuckChamp is not a team who they used to be before. This will be their first match in the new season of this league. V Gaming and PuckChamp faced each other 5 times this year, and 3 times out of 5 V Gaming took the wins. Their last 3 series went to V Gaming, showing that they are in a much better form and they are clear favourites in this series.

Champions League 2021: Brame vs qwerty

Brame -1.5 @ 1.46

I must pick Brame here. Not a ML bet, but a 2-0 win for the Greek organization. Reason is very simple. Qwerty is surely the weakest team in this league and currently they are holding last place in the rankings with 0-3 score and 0-6 in maps won-loss. Last season they ended on the same, last position in the group stage, so nothing has changed. Brame is quite a decent squad and they shouldn’t have any problems facing a team like qwerty, no matter their 0-2 loss vs Winstrike in the 1st round.

Champions League 2021: Winstrike vs Khan

Winstrike @ 1.40

Winstrike is the best team so far in this competition. But let’s keep in mind they played the most matches so far. 3 of them, 3 straight wins, 6-1 in maps win-loss. Their opponents Khan surprised V Gaming yesterday, at least on one map. So the big question here is if Khan was able to take a map off V Gaming, can they do it vs Winstrike? Maybe they can, but this is too hard to predict here as it’s a pure gamble. I would advise a bet on Winstrike ML if you can, if the odds are satisfying for you. This year, those two teams played two matches. End score is 1-1 as both have a victory behind them.