Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - October 12th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - October 12th

Dota 2 The International is moving on. Playoff stage is finally here and this is getting serious now. Teams are playing for their tournament lifes now, and there is no room for error. On the first day of the playoff stage, we will watch 6 epic matches. Here are my picks and predictions.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
12th Oct, 21·☕️ 4 min read

The International 10: Invictus Gaming vs Team Spirit

Invictus Gaming -1.5 @ 1.73

What a match to start the day with. Invictus Gaming are the winners of group A with 6 wins and 2 draws. Their map win-loss record is impressive. With 14 wins and only 2 lost maps they showed themselves as real TI10 title contenders, at least for now. On the other side, Team Spirit had a good group stage too. They finished in 4th place in group B. Their 2-0 wins vs Fnatic and Elephant really impressed me, so I’m thinking if they are capable of taking a map off Invictus. They can, but it will be really hard for them, as this is a next level team now.

The International 10: Team Secret vs OG

Team Secret +1.5 @ 1.42

Oh boy, this is the match that all Dota 2 fans are waiting for. The most exciting match of the day for sure, for western fans. NoTail vs Puppey, what a battle this will be. In this series, OG are favourites on all sportsbooks. This gives us a slight edge on handicap bets, as I found a really good bet can be placed on Team Secret +1.5 handicap. Secret taking a map off OG that is not so great right now is something that I can easily imagine and this can happen easily. With such odds, it’s worth throwing a little bit of more money on this.

The International 10: Undying vs Fnatic

Fnatic @ 2.00

Let’s be careful here, as this is a lower bracket best of 1 match. All round 1 lower bracket matches are best of 1 series, so we can expect a lot of shenanigans here. That’s looking for a good underdog bet is a good way to go. Fnatic are not favoured here due to bad group stage play. Undying performed much better in their group, but in the end nothing matters now. After this best of 1, one team will move forward and the other team will be eliminated. I think Fnatic has more experienced players and I’m going with them in this BO1.

The International 10: Quincy Crew vs Team Aster

Quincy Crew @ 2.00

This is a really hard one to predict. Best of one vs Quincy Crew and Aster. China is always strong at The Internationals, but Team Aster is the worst Chinese team in this TI so far. With their coach playing with them and them having another standin player, the group stage was a really hard one for them. Quincy didn’t impress either, but they had some solid maps. This is pure coinflip, but I’m going with higher odds here. I didn’t like Aster playing in the group stage, and I would love Americans to move forward in the competition.

The International 10: beastcoast vs Alliance

Alliance @ 1.98

I’m going with another “underdog” here. Alliance’s odds are way out of line here, I do think. They are really strong team on paper, and with NikoBaby playing his A level, they can easily beat teams like beastcoast. Don’t get me wrong, Alliance had a terrible group stage with only 1 win. They didn’t show anything good in the group stage, and their 8th place in group A shows just that. Beastcoast on the other side, with their 5th place in group B showed that they can be competitive. Peruvians are hoping for the best, but this might be their end in my opinion.

The International 10: Evil Geniuses vs Elephant

Evil Geniuses @ 1.55

The spectacular best of 1 match between USA and China comes at the end. So weird to see Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket elimination match here. From one of the best performing teams in 2021, to lower bracket in TI and potential elimination. Decent odds on their win here vs Elephant, a team who is one of the biggest disappointments so far in the tournament. It would be so sad if Evil Geniuses’ road ends here, that’s why I’m going with them. Their quality is undoubtful and they must win this. They surely can.