Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 23rd
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 23rd

Today we are following the EU and North American regions

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
23rd Feb, 21·☕️ 4 min read

We will watch 1 lower division match and 3 pretty hyped upper division matches both in EU and NA. Here are my picks and predictions for Tuesday matches.

DreamLeague DPC EU Lower Division: No Bounty Hunter vs Brame

Brame @ 1.22

Brame is playing better and better as each week passes by. Seems like this mixed lineup with top Greek players is working out. At least in the lower divisions of EU competitions. They are holding 2nd place in the lower division of EU DPC season. With 5 wins and 1 loss they are looking incredibly strong. By winning this series they would secure their top 2 spot. On the other hand, No Bounty Hunter is the brightest spot in the lower division. They are holding their spot as an underdog. With 4 wins and 2 losses they can still disturb top ranked teams, and because of that this match will be extremely interesting. I don’t think Brame can lose this as in the last 2 weeks he faced No Bounty Hunter 2 times and won both times with a clean 2-0. Brame has this series for sure, if you want to gamble Brame -1.5 handicap is a way to go. If not, a big bet on Brame ML is good too.

DreamLeague DPC EU Upper Division: High Coast Esports vs Team Nigma

Team Nigma @ 1.20

This can go only one way. Why so? Just because High Coast Esports have nothing to play for in this series. They are already knocked down to the bottom of the table and this win can’t help them anymore. They are playing just for the glory. On the other side, this is a very important match for the Nigma, as they are on the edge between top 2 and top 4 finish. If they win vs High Coast and Alliance lose to Liquid the situation will get pretty nasty in this division. Speaking about this match, Nigma with 3 wins and 3 losses are clean favourites here. There is no way that they can lose their points to eliminate High Coast Esports. Everything is on their side, quality, better captain and carry player. This should be a straight match for Nigma.

DreamLeague DPC EU Upper Division: Liquid vs Alliance

Alliance @ 2.00

This is surely a match of the day. Liquid vs Alliance, everything is open and there will be an interesting fight for the 2nd place which leads to the Major group stage. 1st place is already secured by Team Secret. Currently, Alliance is holding 2nd place with 4 wins and 2 losses. Liquid are right behind them with a 3-3 score, which means if Liquid wins this series they will be in advantage to take 2nd place at the end. High stake match and series, and I need to go with underdogs Alliance here. They are just looking better overall currently. They had some amazing wins vs OG, and Tundra, while Liquid is struggling. Yes, they’ve beaten OG with 2-1 in the last series, but their matches before that were so unstable and bad. I see a great value in betting on Alliance here.

DPC 2021 North America Upper Division: SadBoys vs 4Zoomers

4Zoomers @ 1.47

This is a series to look for in the North American region. SadBoys are on a 3 match losing streak, while 4Zoomers have 3 wins and 3 losses in the league and they are already determined to finish between 3rd and 6th place which will leave them in the upper division for the next season. Overall, 4Zommers are the team to go with here. They are more stable, they are longer together and have better plays and rotations. Overall, better understanding of the map and what is going on on the map. This could easily go to all 3 maps, but I wouldn’t gamble with Over 2.5 here. 4Zoomers ML is the best choice you can make here.